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  • melodias23 melodias23 Nov 16, 2012 10:39 AM Flag

    OBAMA sinking the USA Economy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the global markets.

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    • No he isn't. The the really rich republicans want him to go back to the old days of limited regulations, this is what it is all about. The problem that the rich and greedy don't care about is the economy, but only of themselves. The rich will always do well, so why should they care about the USA economy or in fact, any economy. But that what you get with runaway Capitalism. Their no morals or ethics or family or patroitism - it is all about acquiring more wealth and power - a hunger for it. Then what do you do with the wealth and power? It is scary to think about it. The idea is that these corporations will take care of the people based on there own interests, so as they profit, everyone else profits. But you know it don't work like that in real life. Limit gov't and let capitalism and free enterprise do what they want - let the market dictate. That's what liberatarians believe - like Senator Ron Paul believes. Look at Hurricane Sandy and how LIPA handled the situation - old equipment, lack organization - they kept the money in there pockets.

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      • Neither of the two major political parties give a damn about the citizens of this country. Two things caused the economic disaster of 2008. Members of both political parties voted for the unregulated over-the-counter derivatives being made legal. Former President Clinton signed the law which made unregulated over-the-counter derivatives legal. Members of both parties voted for the repeal of the wise provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act. The law which repealed Glass-Steagall was signed into law by President Clinton. President Obama and the Democrats could have made unregulated over-the-counter derivatives illegal. They did not even try to. President Obama and the Democrats could have made Glass-Steagall the law of the land again. They did not even try to. Until the people in this country understand what is going on and replace both the Democrats and the Republicans as the elected political leaders in this country no solution to our economic woes will take place.

      • points. Do u think republicans and their supporters in New York and the middle East will let OBAMA do any thing. I doubt.

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