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  • liquidmber liquidmber Nov 30, 2012 11:35 PM Flag

    I Pity Ye Who Has No Gold

    The current undertow will soon lose its grip. Gold is an important part of portfolio diversication. The government may tweak the deficit to some degree, it will not be a suicide jump. There will be a resolution, and the bottom line is the market will rally. These politicians know the economics well enough to know that dollar devaluation has to be a implicit assumption of any plan going forward. I think the smart money is buying shares of GG now. Not that it will rocket now, but that it may rocket later. There is enough reward to draw in buyers at this level. There is a lot of paper money in this world. Shorts beware.....fear is more powerful than greed. And did I mention that thing called the national you really think the government will make you and i pay the national debt with dollars at todays value? It will not happpen. A great burst of inflation is beneath our feet. This is a sweet entry spot for some GG. Not too much, just enough to enable you to take risk elsewhere.

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