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  • melodias23 melodias23 Dec 21, 2012 11:09 AM Flag

    Gold up 16.00 yet GG headed lower !

    Miners are the greatest to SHORT !!!!!

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    • gold up = gg down
      gold down = gg down
      dow up = gg down
      dow down = gg down

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • A too short term observation. When the fiscal cliff happens, gold and gold miners might be the place to be, even though, gold miners are publicly traded companies, where gold itself is not. If the stock market gets hit, you would think GG and other publicily traded gold miners would get hit as well, but maybe not. GG holds its own gold by the way. Let's say the fiscal cliff starts on 1/1/13, gold should do very well coming out of the gate, maybe GG gets dragged down, but still GG would benefit from a higher gold price ultimately, because they have to mine gold and also have there own gold supply. Therefore, they may have very good 1st Quarter results, which I would think the market would realize prior to that and may bring the stock price up. If the raw gold is up, its got to be good for GG and the like. If this happens, I wouldn't sell GG and buy as it goes lower (maybe) and then hold. GG will probably make a turnaround quicker and all those cheaper GG shares you bought, will pay its benefits.

    • When gold drops, like yesterday, investors sell GG, which is a gold miner, so it goes down. When stock market drops, like today, investors sell GG, which is a stock, so it also goes down.

      So only when both stock market and gold go up, GG will go up. But stock market and gold usually go to the opposite direction.

      However, this is just a ostensible percetion. The good time, when GG goes up regardless of stock market and gold, will come.

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