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  • lex_luther4 lex_luther4 Dec 31, 2012 10:51 AM Flag

    GLD is up about 3% for the year GG is down about 21% for the year. DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM?

    No problem ....short these flarking TURDBAG stocks on strength

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Can I join the bash party too? I am still waiting for a long to answer why GG is lower today than it was 5 years ago if this is such a wonderful company. Gold has gone from about $400 to $1700 and GG is lower now...How is that even possible??? That is some fine management. I'm not talking just GG, throw in ABX, NEM, KGC, etc and you see the problem, or apparently you longs don't. If I had a dollar for each time a long said 'it's just gotta go up because it's being going down for so long' I'd be even richer.

      I am waiting for GG to rally to $45 (and I'm sure it will) and we'll hear how all the shorts are 2 weeks later when GG hits another low and all the longs stop posting.

      This is a shout out to certainfacts and easygoing_al - ultimately 2 of the dumbest posters and investors on these boards. I bet your portfoilios don't look too pretty right about now. These 2 village id1iots were touting GG all the way from $44 down to where it is now and they have both disappeared the last 2 weeks. Surprising, I don't think so, but some of the new aliases on the board look and sound just like them. I'm sure they'll make a comeback if GG is up a couple of more days.

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