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  • easygoin_al easygoin_al Mar 21, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    Read Jim Sinclairs Site

    Longs, Go to Jim Sinclairs site every day...Stay Informed....Shorts you can go there too before you ge took to the wood shed for a spanking......GG Is A Very Very Strong Buy

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    • Hey Al. You seem like a good guy. You do know that even the most ardent supporters and owners of gold and mining stocks.. do take short positions when conditions warrant. And it's also good to sell portions of holdings after gains. And finally - its also good to realize that even a stock with a bright future.. like GG.. can seriously underperform. To say "strong buy" and that a website is the answer.. is not compelling. I suggest you read more and stay more informed .. and short miners when conditions warrant it.

    • Folks, besure to read Jim Sinclairs site.......Protect Yourself

      GG Is a Strong Buy...also AUY, KGC, MUX, PVG, SSRI, SLW, TRX

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      • Jim,

        Since yesterday was the 20th of the month and it fell on a week day, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation updated its Internet site with February’s data. That data showed that they purchased another 200,000 ounces of gold for their official reserves, and here is Nick Laird’s most excellent chart showing the change. Officially reported Russian gold reserves are now 31.4 million troy ounces.

        CIGA Ed.

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      • Jim’s Mailbox
        March 21, 2013, at 2:07 pm
        by Jim Sinclair in the category Jim's Mailbox | Print This Post | Email This Post
        Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

        I fully agree with Black Swan. This is it! Part 2. Gold now begins its second soap opera market march to $3500.



        The billionaire CEO of Norilsk Nickel in Russia today likened the situation in Cyprus to the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

        He added that “very serious” levels of capital may be taken out of the island nation, destroying the economy and hurting the European Union.

        This is it, part 2!

        CIGA Black Swan

        Click here to read the full article…

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