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  • tech_trac tech_trac Mar 28, 2013 5:00 AM Flag

    Pick your own Poison!...

    No doubt all posters on AU message boards are well aware of all the hyperventilation wasted over the Cyprus situation.

    "the equivalent to Arch Duke's assination!"

    "central banks have CROSSED the Rubicon!"

    and so on & so forth
    and yet this Artur Burns' quote from the 1970's holds true today!

    "Watch what I Do,not what I say!"

    and just what is $$SMART$$$ doing? (who is the $$$SMART$$$?)

    check the TED spread!..." hard to find a pulse" (vs Julyspike)
    or the HYG/LQD spread "who, me scared?" (new hi in complacency)
    or AU.."struggling to advance & hold $1600"
    or new" all-time high in the Dow & almost the S&P"
    who's in control here?

    pick your poison!

    Sentiment: Buy

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