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  • mjmjam50 mjmjam50 Oct 11, 2013 9:13 AM Flag

    A $25 drop in gold in a span of 5 seconds at manipulation though

    There must have been BIG news for this to happen. We know the market is an honest place so I will dig to find the news......What's that? No news. Not a chance. Everyone decided to sell their gold at the exact same second with no regard for favorable price discovery!!!! No way!!!!!!!! Keepshorting told me the market is an honest and true place, just like him....!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!! Everyday we prove to you that you are no match for us. Just keep that direct deposit line going right to my bank account you fraudulent POS. How many times do you have to get bent over before you start to get it???

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    • And isn't it amazing, gold has traded in a very tight $4 range for the past 5 hours. Down $25 in 5 seconds and a very tight range for the next 5 hours. Pure market forces lemmings...............No manipulation at all, right keepshorting???

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      • It's Goldman and they are doing the Fed's bidding, Gov. and Reserve; That's why they keep shouting about Gold going so much lower, and how it is a "slam-dunk-sell"; Yet you don't hear them "cautioning" about the recklessness Fed action and its potential consequences.

        This is nothing more than a "short-lobby-cartel" working to keep people from panicking! Imagine if Gold was moving in the opposite direction! What would that be doing to Treasuries, the Dollar and such! No, it could be understandable to see gold plummet during "stable-times", but it is made more ludicrous and outrageously manipulative to see it do so when any rationale would dictate it going up!

        But, no reason to fear or loathe. I wouldn't try to fight this concerted effort to "prop up the US Government"; Rather, it says so loudly "how bad things really are" and let's let them take it so low as they will; You'll know when it's safe to buy. Wait, imo! This is actually a gift for long-longs!

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