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  • merjsbekoru merjsbekoru Mar 13, 2010 11:15 PM Flag

    Time to start a position?

    $25,000 to start, $1,500 DCA/Mo-will switch to Admiral when I can.

    Any thoughts? Time frame about 20 years.

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    • If I were you I would look at Vanguard's Energy ETF rather than this mutual fund. You have the ability to get in and out of the ETF without the 12-month holding penalty associated with deposits into the mutual fund. I invested $45,000 in the mutual fund and was not satisfied at all with the performance. If you are interested in the energy holdings you can also do much better getting the individual stocks and their higher dividends than are paid out in this more diversified mutual fund. Just my thoughts, but good luck.

    • A fine day indeed.

    • well, let us look at the PAST 20 year period 1990-2010,where we had some good financial times, two big recessions 1992, 2009, and 2 Bushs, 1 Clinton and 1/2 an Obama in the WH. Just doing Yahoo graph comparison, VGENX up 250%, healthcare VGHCX up 400%, DJIA up 300%. What might this imply?
      1. energy did not outperform the broader DOW. 2. Healthcare was more important than energy. 3. looking back is no predictor of the future. 4. people will need energy in the future and fossil fuels likely will become more scarce =valuable: OR, as in the Carter years, miraculous new finds will keep oil at present levels, and all the blah blah about alternative energy will have the rug pulled out from under it (solar, wind, vegetable oil cars...).
      Comments folks?

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