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  • puttinhole puttinhole Nov 11, 2010 11:54 AM Flag

    Price action has been very impressive

    The news that came out regarding Pruvel on the surface looked like it would be an obstacle but in reality it is just reflecting a minor side effect ... "The company said rashes were common side effects to the
    class of drugs that Pruvel belongs to and rashes occurred at
    or below the rate generally expected for other
    fluoroquinolones in both late-stage studies on the pill", so what they want to make sure of is that there is nothing else pertaining to the skin rash, essentially this will be a side effect stated in the labeling of the product. The pullback may present itself as an opportunity going forward as with this "negative news" the minor selloff is actually a bullish signal to me as it shows that most shares are in strong hands currently.

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    • Yesterdays low tested the 20EMA @ 11.11, held and bounced. Today's support levels are as follows 20EMA = 11.13 50EMA = 10.48 200EMA = 10.36. As stated previously the recent run up has stalled and is taking a breather with possible retracements as the recent news is met with some profit taking. Any pullbacks to the 50 & 200EMA's would present a very good entry point IMO. GL

    • To Beameup and Puttinhole, I would like to add a point of view from the clinical laboratory. I,m a licensed CLS in California and work in microbiology. Just like Beam, I saw that same report on NBR and bought a couple of days after the report after some DD. Hated the financials but, like Beam, felt it was a gamble worth taking. If this drug works as advertised, it would help cut my already busy workload and that's just fine with me. I think it could be pretty big. However, beware the FDA. They could screw this drug in a heart beat. GLTA.

    • Just an FYI, my son is currently a med student and also gave me his endorsement on it as he antibiotics for resistant strains are tough to come by these between him and the good wife I researched it and like you felt that the benefits outweighed the risks..good luck to you as well.

    • It was pure luck that I even found out about OPTR. I happened to be watching Nightly Business Report on PBS and a lady was discussing her top picks, one of which was OPTR. The story she gave sounded plausible so I researched it and agreed with her analysis and bought some the next day. It's certainly a gamble but the probability of success far outweighs the risk in my view; and I'm not a risk taker normally. Good luck to you and your wife.

    • Nice timing with your purchase!! I seriously believe this one is still a bit of a sleeper, you'll know when its arrived when this message board starts to light up like our family's XMAS tree :-)

    • Thanks for your insight. Prior to purchasing this stock a week ago I read all the news releases and message board comments and came away with the impression that this drug is not only beneficial, but more importantly, it is necessary. The success of the trials point to a very high probability that the drug will be approved. The FDA panel would need to find something quite significant, in my opinion, to reject the application and prohibit it from use in curing these serious infections.

    • price continues to act very well, relative strength remains strong, trading above 50EMA, 20EMA about to cross back above 50EMA, is it possible there will be some positive fundamental news to follow these technicals...

    • Well, there are rashes and then there are rashes. The company does not give, that I have seen, any detail. The rashes of Stevens-Johnson syndrome...often caused by drugs..are serious and potentially fatal. And others.

      I agree, the addition of another quinolone is hardly exciting unless it has some special quality. The company has not offered that information. "Everybody" uses Cipro now, and that is now available as a generic.

      The potential here is the C.diff therapy and so far that looks very good and has the potential to be a big moneymaker.


    • This drug has no value, another me too fluoroquinolone. Beware, of small biotechs, as they will try to make up any pig for get rich schemes....