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  • rjcogburn64 rjcogburn64 Jan 26, 2011 7:55 PM Flag

    shorts/bashers& etc

    One of the folks from whom I learned so very much on the Yahoo MBs in the past was a poster named Need_High_Yield.

    He correctly pointed out that one receives a benefit from those who post negative comments on a stock. The longs....of which I am one.....believe that the stock is a good...or great...investment - or else why would they have bought it. He found little if any value in cheerleading (Go, stoxk xyz, go!!!) or name calling or ad hominem attacks on negative posters, or calling somebody a "short" as if it is a bad thing by definition.

    He pointed out that he wanted to learn the negatives about a stock in which he had invested. Perhaps he had overlooked something or would benefit from further discussion that was negative about a stock. If it caused him to review his investment and he still was positive then that was a good thing.

    So I would say, again, I appreciate the negatives that proinvestor points out. If he is incorrect then point it out with facts as some here have done, IMO. But as I have said before, it makes no sense to shout at him or call him names.

    So he's short. As long as not naked I have no problem with that and neither should others. If he knowingly posts criticism that he knows to be wrong or spurious then that is another matter.