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  • kamoa_1 kamoa_1 Mar 21, 2011 1:55 PM Flag

    Adverse Events...

    yes thank you for pointing this out..

    so you notice too, how optr loaded a lot of 'less important'(imo)negatives on Vanco to even out the 'more important sae's' (imo) on the fida side.

    here's what i mean... let's take a look at the bottom half of the SAE's

    Mental status: Fida 0 Vanco 3
    Dehydration: Fida 0 Vanco 3
    Hypokelimia: Fida 0 Vanco 3
    Dyspnea; Fida 1 Vanco 3
    Renal Failure; Fida 1 Vanco 3 (apparently different from acute)
    Hyperglycemia Fida 1 Vanco 3

    Total Severe adverse events;
    Fida 3 Vanco 18.

    Voila! Optr concludes Adverse events are about the same in Fida and Vanco.


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    • You are doing your very best to put down Fida...the bottom line is: Fida offers another alternative to Vanco for C.diificile with excellent efficacy, significantly lower relapse rate compared to Vanco...This alone makes Fida a worthwhile drug for FDA to fast track approve. Also, limitations of vanco therapy is developement of vanco resistance e-coli with prolonged use...therefore there is always a place for and learn..By the way, your math is waaaaaay off....


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      • tradeontrend....

        tell them the way you told you gonna dump your shares to these unsuspecting longs
        before the ADCOM date...

        you profess that you're a human being who cares for other human beings?
        i highly doubt it...professor
        your posts belie your claim of sainthood.

        put it succinctly...
        saint you ain't... professor.


      • This Kamoa guy is eating too much plate lunches with fried pork and white bread. It's clogged his cognitive functioning.

        At first I thought he was lying to cause fear in OPTR longs
        but now I think he really is that dumb.

        OPTR's safety profile is impressive and this is why it will
        get approved. Unsafe, effective drugs usually do not get
        approved. OPTR has a drug that is both effective and safe.
        Perfect for a nice pop to $16 or $17.