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  • kamoa_1 kamoa_1 Apr 6, 2011 3:28 PM Flag

    Eventually prescribing Vancocin over Fida will be malpractice

    Professor you advocate using vancomycin slurry which isn't approved instead of using the gold standand oral Vanco,.. and you worry about malpractice? How many unnecessary deaths have you caused?

    Face it Dificid is neutered. It has been compared to Vanco with marginal results (death is about even)... at least you recognize that that is the necessary metric wheter a person benefits from the drug or not... not the recurrence, relapse mumbo jumbo that you and OPTR is trying to sell...

    The trial was just against 125 mg Vanco. Imagine comparing Dificid to the 250 mg or 500 mg Vanco that is routinely used today... the death rate would be heavily in favor of Vanco... by your logic they shouldn't be using Dificid...

    Face it... Dificid is sized, measured and found wanting...


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    • Vanco slurry is oral vanco.

      PO vanco means non-IV which includes both the pulvules and the generic slurry.

      To date, I've never met or seen anyone assert that vanco slurry is inferior to vancocin.

      It's the same exact product in fact.

      The only concern I've ever heard is that a tech screws up the dosage when preparing the slurry.

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      • Your slurries are illegal, untested, and Bio-Inequivalent to the real Vancocin... professor. The FDA/OGD should be on your tail for making and administering them.

        Look, the reason why there is no generic Vancocin is because it is produced with a trade secret that no one knows and can't copy. It is what makes it effective against CDI. Now if you say the slurries wil do the same job as the real Vanco, the generics would skip the OGD ANDA process and do it your way...

        But they know that they must abide by regulationa and laws... things that you and your doctor friends seem to blatantly disregard...

        Why is that? ... You confessed you don't want VPHM to make money off VAnco. If you detest a company for making money from their drug... well guess what OPTR's ceo says he will price dificid at a premium to Vanco... Now what? Will you double your production of slurries and sell your position on OPTR?


      • gortsemad Apr 7, 2011 4:13 AM Flag

        Generic vancomycin will be pushed bt pharmacists on utilization review boards- with their fancy graphs to show cost savings. From sitting in on many of these meetings, unfortunately , the discussion ends there, most often, without showing how decreased relapses would save money overall. These hospital review boards aren't thinking globally but locally. And it will take time to show the cost savings.

        I still believe the drug will get it's play- after so many years without a new med for CDI Drs will be happy to use it (if allowed by formularies which most unfortunately often make decisions on cost not on best med)

        Drs like new drugs. Drug reps have the data that tells them which docs use new meds the moment the drug is in pharmacies and which docs wait years to use a new drug. How? Prescriptions, minus patient name, are considered public record. Big chain pharmacies like Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart make millions selling dr prescribing habits to Pharma.

        So when fido hits the market the sales personnel will know exactly who to call n to get the Rxs moving.