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  • slick_trader24 slick_trader24 May 26, 2011 3:47 PM Flag

    He Shorts the Stock Then Writes a Negative Article

    Its a guy that writes under the name Edward Lopeziado or something like that.

    His article has been suspiciously spammed across the internet.

    I hope this stock blows up in this Fvck's face.


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      Market Financial = Edwoardo Lopezpineda????

      Watch OPTR get everything it wants......this stock just may touch $20 if that happens.....

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      • He seems very qualified as a stock analyst and biotech expert. Maybe even a little over-qualified?

        His impressive bio:

        Edoardo Lopezpineda

        Author, Analyst, Media Editor, Human Resources


        Edoardo attended Seneca at York College ’06 where he studied Broadcasting – Television, a highly competitive program. Since then, he has developed an unbreakable passion for the film industry and has been hired on by several independent production studios doing camera and editing work.

        During the past three years, Edoardo has studied the financial markets along with a few of his closest friends and began writing as an editor for one of the largest newspaper publications in his city. This offered him the opportunity to meet new co-workers and lifelong friends which ultimately led to him into moving onto helping form His portfolio style often follow the biotech field, with a mixture of long and short ideas, and has been quoted in a number of well known online financial publications. He prides in investigative research through the use of SEC filings, FDA calendars and mainstream media in order to bring about the most interesting stories to life.

        Edoardo has developed remarkable skills in using programs such as Final Cut Pro, Avid, 3D Studio Max, Combustion, Adobe Premiere Pro as well as Adobe Illustrator. His genius expands beyond the filming industry into the writing as well, where he plans to publish a number of novels during his lifetime.

        In everything Edoardo does, he tries to demonstrate the good side of things. Everyone likes drama, but what everyone really wants is a happy ending. With any project he undertakes, he is able to achieve that. Seeking Alpha certified author.