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  • crunchtrade crunchtrade May 31, 2011 4:34 PM Flag

    Take over story out today


    If you read the last part of the story, it says there could be a possible takeout of this company on today's news.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • mikeadd Jun 6, 2011 2:29 AM Flag

      Congratulations. You can't go wrong aiming high. Now if we can get this stock pps to do the same :-)

    • Mike. You are correct. I have followed in the footsteps of the bearded gentleman from Danielsvile GA.

    • mikeadd Jun 5, 2011 9:44 AM Flag

      OT: Crawfordlong sounds like a handle of someone from ATL or works as a cardiovascular health care professional in some manner.

    • thanks

    • Technically they wouldn't be lying about the patents, as use, process, and polymorph patents have been issued with respective IP timeframes as easily can be determined online investigation at the USPO. Some how these got through the patent office but then again the US patent office isn't very thorough due to the overwhelming amount of applications needed to be reviewed. However these are considered second line patents in biotech which are not as strong as primary patents. The big problem is the validity of these patents and thus defendability when the patent busters come to town in about 5 years as there is no new primary composition of matter of patent for FIDO. Think about it, one of there best patents is the polymorph patent and is
      titled crystalline polymorphs of tiacumicins.....thus making obvious reference to prior art, the tiacumicins discovered by Abbot! It will be rather simple for generics to invalidate these secondary yes based on my research, OPTR is not being straight forward with investors and thus making this an automaticatic short....Golden Rule when investing in Biotech...always look very carefully at a companies patent portfolio!

    • mikeadd Jun 3, 2011 11:58 AM Flag

      Dificid works by destroying or mutating the Clostridium difficile's RNA, thereby reducing reproduction. Let's say it doesn't kill; it maims, :-)

    • Read the New England J. of Medicine article page 430 for definition. N Engl J Med. (2011) 364:5; pages 422-431. Vanco is not cidal using the classical definition for bacterial cell wall inhibitors. Water is cidal if you drink enough.

      Too many problems for vanco with VRE and selection super deadly strains of MRSA, which are also becoming resistant to Vanco. Vanco should be held in reserve and FIDA first line. Listen to the Doc's posting here, who know what is best, from a clinical standpoint.

    • You simply don't understand and thus you should not be investing in biotech. At clinical concentrations that are 1000 times the MIC (which are generally the concentrations for both as both have very high conc at the site of infection), both WILL BE Cidal and thus will have a many fold log reduction in CFU counts for C. Diff. over time.....definition of cidal!

    • Not true, wrong most of the time.

    • Pro- Don't know why anyone would listen to you with all of your drive-by inaccuracies?

      <<It does NOT "cure" CDI. It decrease the bacterial count and also damages the normal flora of the gut.>>

      You state: <Same as FIDO as both are bacteriocidal (sp).> Wrong, wrong, wrong.

      You are completely wrong on mechanism of action. FIDA is bactericidal, while Vanco is bacteriostatic.

      Also wrong on exclusivity. Cubist and Astellas don't think this is a limitation. See, the big money doesn't agree with you.

      You might want to sell your VPHM and go short.

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