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  • proinvestor2010 proinvestor2010 Aug 1, 2011 12:43 PM Flag

    heading below 9....

    Will Longs continue to take the pain.....

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    • Well!! I guess you certainly told the way "grammer" is spelled grammar just so future insults don't make you appear stupid from the start. Now that you've set me straight, when I obviously was in error thinking this weeks 7% market decline may have factored into the optr price, I beg "pahleeze" go easy on us poor fools who have failed to appreciate your brilliance.
      By the way do you and your mom work together on your emails during or after "Big time" wrestling is on.

    • are you that dense???? I was mocking you and your grammer horse that you are riding on.... LOL! It's clear who the idiot is...i am starting to feel sorry for you as you clearly don't have a clue, although not sorry enough as I will continue to enjoy taking your money!!!

    • "Pahleeez"--so sad,,,,,,you may have climbed on the right side of the near trend--however while you've pocketed a bit of change today--tomorrow you'll still be an idiot.......

      By the the is that "Pahleeez" word somthing you and your buds throw around alot?

    • "I told ya sooo...but will do it any way,,,LOL!"

      Yep. You were correct as the share price demonstrates. But I don't know that being correct on share price means you were correct regarding the drug or its market. It is not unusual for small companies such as OPTR to trade on factors orther than the fundamentals.

      Well, at any rate we are here to make money, fundamentals or not, and here you have been successful and you have my congrats.

      I still am optimistic longer term....but time will tell.

    • You should be feeling sad for yourself, just about now...LOL!

    • mikeadd Aug 3, 2011 8:40 PM Flag

      Well Pro (change ur childish name for crying out loud), I'll hve to gve it 2 U, you did say you shorts weren't thinking about selling till it reached the 9s or something to that effect.Can't say U didn't hve a little help along those lines but U did reach it. Congratulations, and pls don't rply. I still think u r an idiot who knows a few med terms and calls that intelligence. U made yur dough, but if you want to make more, I suggest you cover and then go long. Heck, U probably already have.

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      • please please please...DO NOT give this person credit for something so obvious....bought this stock long some time back after doing personal dd....I am a novice but even I knew it would take a hit or two after approval....lots of costs associated with this process.....also a perfect storm as far as earnings announcement at the same time that world markets/currencies convulsing...this drop way over's become emotional which is great folks...had my friends cued at 8.50.... already thanking me Sorry if you sold...but,what a wonderful buying oppurtunity!!!!

      • mikey....look you seem like a smart enough chap, just not smart enough, LOL! Yes, I am fully competent and knowledgable in medical, science,IP, and business aspects of biotechnolgy...and thus I use my intellegence (yes, I am much, much brigter than you) and find overvalued companies like OPTR. NuF said!

    • "I guess it would be out of taste"............hmmmmm..... something could be "in bad taste", or "could taste bad", or as I'm sure you've heard before "simply tasteless"., "taste free, tasty, , in bad taste, or not exactly my taste" You might be a "Taste Tester", or feel it's" all a matter of taste". Sometime taste varies and from time to time we add spices according to taste---------and yet with all of these possibilities, you pick "I guess it would be out of taste......very sad.....

      RJC--as to being sanguine, I may be wrong but if so it's based on the best information available to me currently. until persuasive information dictates a less positive outlook, I am and continue to buy small amounts and wait for what I feel is ineviatble

    • rjc, good to see you back. I guess it would be out of taste to say I told ya sooo...but will do it any way,,,LOL! I hope you sold back when this was at nose bleed levels...still has lots of room to fall.

    • I'm long OPTR and posted here infrequently, sometimes crossing polite swords with proinvestor. I admit I am surprised at the share price even though longer term I am confident of good things. But shorter term share price of companies like this can be "swayed" by traders especially those with an agenda.

      Anyhow, I am less sanguine regarding analysts than you. For example I saw earlier today that the analysts at Wells Fargo have as recs....and these numbers may not be exact as I don't want to spend the time to go look again but they are close....have about 45% of companies rated outperform, about 50% rated perform, and just about 5% rated underperform. Well, that makes no sense to me.

      Good luck to us all...

    • OMG !--Have you no pride? You got asked direct questions concerning how you arrived at your valuation suppositions. You got accused of being your own best friend and alter ego and your response is another insipid, baseless, mindless and "after the fact" gloating insult directed towards longs in OPTR. A word or phrase for "dignity" and "rational, fact based discussion" must not exsist in your language. You said you've done the work & based your price opinion going forward on your analysis --let's see it. Otherwise your "hindsight" based opinion is just that--and we all already know what happened.......... You and "pathetic" must be very close friends.
      Still buying bits as we go, till facts suggest another course of action........

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