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  • bromberg.alex bromberg.alex Aug 9, 2011 6:40 PM Flag

    Lets See What Happens

    We currently have an Outperform recommendation on Optimer. The stock carries a Zacks #1 Rank (short-term “Strong Buy” rating).

    We are very positive about the FDA approval and subsequent launch of Dificid. Dificid scores better than currently available treatment options on many parameters. Particularly, we believe the inclusion of superior recurrence benefits over Vancocin in the product label will provide valuable benefit and help Dificid sales. Dificid is the first drug to be approved in almost 25 years for the treatment of CDAD and thus targets a market with significant unmet need. Further, the deals with Cubist Pharmaceuticals (CBST) and Astellas bode well for Optimer as it will benefit from their experience in marketing hospital based antibiotics. Moreover, these partnerships should maximize the impact of Dificid’s commercial launch.

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    • mikeadd Aug 22, 2011 3:32 PM Flag

      No sarcasm intended but what do you think it is doing now?

    • Well that was entertaining to read, the bashing is a little hard though, I just got in and I think we are heading to 9.50 within next two weeks provided the market overall doesn't tank.

    • Amusement to the nth degree, I must say. You sir or should I say madam (hfkatie, LOL)should worry more about yourself and your Long thesis (or lack thereof) than how I state or present my short thesis. As I said before, any reputable long time Longs on this board are familiar with my projections and lack in confidence in OPTR future profitability. You are pathetic and i will no longer waste my time responding to your delusions of grandeur.....Yes, believe it or not you are a big time loser! I suggest that you quit investing in biotech or you will be at risk of bankruptcy....

    • Again the illiterate attempt at retort and quick repartee..;;

      Why not try something like this---" As most are aware I've been skeptical about the price potential for OPTR for quite sometime and have invested my money accordingly. My skepticism was due to the following: (you fill in specifics). We've all been witness to price action over the past 6 to 9 months and I realize that for those of you long, this has been a painful time. My current price outlook is: (you fill in specifics). Luck to all and regardless of our positions, the ability to communicate via this message board, concerning relevant OPTR news , benefits us all . Good Luck and I look forward to continued info sharing.

      There--say it, shut up & enjoy your immense wealth--and stop acting like a taunting, fat, 7 year old.
      Oh by the way--Land Rovers card numbers all start with SALLHAxxx&the vehicle number. the xxx's and numbers indicate Manual vs Auto, Diesel vs petrol, number of doors, etc.--may help if you decide to fib about owning one in the future.

    • LOL! by your bitter accusations, you must have lost quite a bit in your mistake of an investment called OPTR. To be clear, I have truly enjoyed shorting and taking money from you from the fall from 14s(since you refuse to admit error, which is typical attribute of most amateurs)...and as you continue to live in your own world of delusioned superior education and rants about this/that, I will further take solace in your re-education. Instead of being a hater for your lack of diligence and insight, you should look within. Listen to the Pro!

    • Tahiti!!!!, Range Rover?????? My, My.......big words for a little guy. Why don't you have one of the staff try and find the front gate of your 500 acre estate in the new Land Rover, and post a few pics of you in the South Pacific (yes that's where Tahiti is) and the new SUV. I, for one, don't believe you could ever qualify for a margin account let alone have shorted a stock....and all these supporters you continue to tout here?--
      Why don't they rise to your defense when you spout your drivel--your one supporter goes by the name of gapper, face it you're as friendless as you are clueless!!!!!! By thy way where'd you and Mom make your connections on the way to Tahiti. Oh and Land Rovers have a numbered card that comes with the ownership papers the prefix is always the same & the suffix is specific to the owner--gives the rich certain privilages you know--share the standard prefix with us of either the new one or old one------ sad --oh so sad. Oh and a tip the more you write the more your grammar reveals your lack of education--in your case less talk would really work in your favor.

    • <<I found no factual analysis--no speculation regarding fair price, future earnings, increased expenses, etc, etc, etc>>

      hfkatie, I see that you are up to your standard delusions and nonesense of not giving credit where credit is DUE! Most on this board KNOW what have been my contrarian statments/facts/speculation/predictions for some time must be blind or just simply believe what is advantageous for you to, not based on reality, LOL
      No worries though, just got back from an extended holiday to Tahiti, complements of the Longs on this board. My next purchase this weekend will be a brand spanking new Range Rover to replace my old one, again complements of OPTR LONGS, LOL!!!! Looking to establish another short position as this is getting richly valued again....

    • you see, this is what the so-called sell side analysts do, they are master pumpers, while institutions have collected their profits and moved on....

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