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  • renohawk72 renohawk72 Aug 20, 2011 1:19 AM Flag

    Hmm .. insiders buying at start of drug launch?

    This seems like a lay-up ... I've worked for a few biotech companies and have helped launch new drugs. Insiders are the best gage as to whether or not the drug launch is going well ... I may have to take advantage of this low price next week as I assume it's getting unfairly treated in this mkt sell-off. GLTA

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    • I sure like the story as it began to unfold late last year.The stock was acting just like I thought it would.Then came the dilution which I thought was a bit too much.I also did not like the lease agreement for sales space on the east coast and all the other expenses that are involved in such a endeavor which proinvestor refers as "burn rate".I believe in conservative corporate governance and the top holders have paid themselves handsomely which is putting the cart before the horse.He has been correct IMO as far as I am concerned.proinvestor, what ticks me off is when you throw sand in my eyes and others when you say that you just bought a Range Rover and had a vacation in Tahiti which is over the top and appears like BS and immaturity as far as people on this board think.What the heck is that all about?Now back to the CEO buying 25k shares of OPTR in the high $8 range. He did that because he knows when people see that, they will assume the company is doing fine and will act upon his Que and buy thinking OPTR will report some impressive earnings next quarter.Also, the stock was tanking and he had to take some action.25k shares is chump change to him in that he and the major holders are loaded up with inflated salaries at this juncture. Also, this is not Petro's first rodeo.He has been doing this for many years.This is where, as a retail investor, have to trust the management doing the right things which remain to be seen.I am still long but if they dilute the share again in the near future, we are toast.