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  • jiarealty jiarealty Nov 4, 2011 1:08 PM Flag

    The problem with OPTR...

    Fidax is a good drug but unfortunately a small market. Vancomycin (1st line agent) is dirt cheap and has high cure rates...some patient may have relapse but those are few. Wall Street anticipated a much larger market for fidax, but the earnings clearly shows that Fidax is a small time player. Now OPTR is faced with the decision of possibly dropping the price of Fidax to imptrove markeshare (may backfire) but for now...the earning numbers clearly shows that OPTR is over-priced. I would expect OPTR to be properly valued at $11 and change.....

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    • underuse= misuse/abuse.....

    • stand by until it proves its worth, and you'll be in the latter group, "doc"...

    • your old school mentality will not hold water in today's hospitals, sir, where the govt has figured out their largest expenditure is in the acute setting, with people staying too long, sometimes without good reason, when they could've been discharged much sooner had "medical staff" done what they should have to get them "stable", don't tell me new pharma breakthroughs such as Dificid will face challenges of "resident docs" abusing scripts...I do not buy it for a minute, and imo you should be ashamed for furthering the stereotype of tomorrow's acute care physicians at the expense of keeping your "slow-go" protocols in place. They'll "abuse/misuse" Dificid...nice try.

    • Yes I understand.....they[residents] are not entrenched and apt to write 'script by rote....more aware of latest,more effective meds. If this is what's my line...I think you are one of those ppl I see toting the big cases of freebies for docs and staff....and hear you do quite a spread for lunch.....I know hosp. docs are who you referring to......they have practices also...... p.s. Save me some of those extra long gold golf tees.....gonna need a bunch after next run-up, actually....need a are going to put a lot of people in the chips [yours!!]

    • really dont understand hospitals...I am talking about physician resident (they work under the attending physician). Typically, they often like to order the newest toy on the market for their patients.

    • misuse/abuse? c'mon...that's your argument? is resident self-administering (misusing/abusing) in the hospital setting? c'mon...abuse? really?

    • If Fidax fails than where do you go ? That is why vancomycin is given first... if culture determines vanco resistance, than Fidax. Fidax is too expensive and too important to use as empiric first line thaerapy. In hospitals, Fidax is also restricted to prevent resident abuse and mis-use. Remember, mis-use leads to resistance and resistance is the greatest cost of all in dolalrs and in lives. This is from a Docs point of view.

    • in your hospital, it may have saved re-hospitalization of 2 patients = approx $20K-ish...not pennies, doc. What is your rural hospital's patient census today? do you even know how much it costs Medicare/Ins to keep the patients for both vanco treatments? Do you have experience in hospital operations and government programs for the elderly, to go with your "real world" practice? if so, you'd understand the consideration of OVERALL HOSPITALIZATION burden on the system. Do you read the articles re: Federal budget cuts for Medicare, etc? FYI, there is a senior population boom expected over the next 20

    • Yes GCCROW.....My point ...and I watched this unfold several times as my Mom has been hospitalized ,almost continuously,since late June ..... C-dif upon original hospitalization. She required surgery...infection as a result....beat it!!!! Re-hospitalized....C-Dif beat it??..... another hosp. admission-Mesentary Artery related surgery.....infection....Vanco-resistant....oops!!!it's the strongest we have!!!! Double oops!!!! Also we kicked loose 2 pieces of guessed to to guessed it kidneys nearly shut down and infection!!! Oops Vanco-resistant!!! 2nd resulted in blocked artery to foot...amputation scenario....My brother along w/docs put her in Hospice...see how it snowballs.... I could speak on and on about all the ppl who were at hop. to visit loved ones who were involved in similar situations almost half the rooms on floor had protective gown carts outside door.....they are admitted for something and contract C-dif,---weakened...IT'S HOSPITAL BORNE PEOPLE!!!! How many were admitted w/o C-Dif and contracted while trying to recover from original diagnosis?? You see where I am going....they die and cause is complication from ????? Not C-Dif!!!!!!!! At least not when I have my Hospital atty. hat on!!!!!!!!!

    • (1) difference of $149/dose, according to your figures
      (2) correct; however, rate of recurrence is different for different patients - correct? imo, hospitals will not wait to see how big their "re-hospitalization risk" is before adopting a better treatment for a recurring illness...again, please consider ALL COSTS OF HOSPITALIZATION...
      (3) finally, you address the numbers...finally...but, if it's all about the numbers, can you address "other expenses" (besides the drug cost, as in nurse time, etc) associated with vanco treatment? can you also talk about how many bugs have become vanco-resistant, and since you're an ID doc, the % of patients who have c-diff and some other, vanco-resistant bug (MRSA, etc.)? surely, as an ID doc you have those stats...
      (4) low recurrence rates would not cause a hospital to "never jump on board", imo. They may reserve Dificid treatment for 2nd line treatment (do not really believe this), but NEVER ADOPT as treatment? you're implying hospitals have an "acceptable" rate of recurrence...really?
      (5) it's not "irregardless"'s "regardless"...will fact-check you on the recurrence rates. For your information/education, recurrence costs more than simply the cost of the drug - correct? Do you know what ONE DAY in an acute care facility costs? please add that to the "cost of the drug", and you'll get what CMS (and, therefore, hospitals) will look at re: recurrence/re-hospitalization, imo...

      BTW, I am NOT an ID doc, but find it hard to believe you are either.

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