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  • jiarealty jiarealty Nov 9, 2011 2:49 PM Flag

    Lets get the facts straight...

    (1) All the hospitals that have added Fidax on formulary still kept vancomycin on formulary and vancomycin is still the primary work horse
    (2)A vast majority of C.Diff issues is not due to vancomycin resistance but due to poor sanitation practices (not washing hands) and long term antibiotic use (disturbing the flora of the gut causing C.Diff to overwhelm the patient gut flora and producing toxin)
    (3) The vast majority of C.Diff responds very well to vancomycin treatment.

    By simply keeping good sanitation practices, prudent use of antibiotics you will eliminate thevast majority of C.Diff infections in the hospital. Fidax plays a niche role in combatting C.Diff. That is why OPTR stock is taking a hit. The significance of Fidax is way over-estimated by wall street and non-informed investors.

    I challenge anyone on this board to name one hosiptal that have eliminated Vancomycin and only use Fidax as the workhorse.


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    • Whats overblown is your estimate of your personal level of understanding of what you are trying to convince a board made up of largely educated,intelligent people who have done their DD on this drug,and, like me are asking themselves, wtf is this guy talking about?? Yes,agreed,revenues are way off!!! from$ 669k to $11.? million !!!!!!!! As in"TAKE_OFF", yes,Vanco is firstline at almost every Hospital.....that was stated previously.....Dificid is brand-new!!!! It's showing great results and promise!!!!! And thank is on the frontier of becoming a first-line treatment for this fast-growing malady. In other words rev.s jumped like they did when the door was cracked open just a,with the numbers of good results observed by recently educated Hospital Doc's and H/C Co.'s those revenues are gonna be off a whole bunch next in exponentially,but, keep that quiet....cause if your dad JIA and all those other shorts go away....there won't be enough $$ for all us longs to take from you!!!!!

    • Thank you for confirming the fact that vancomycin is still first line agent for c.diff. That is why optr revenue was not as robust as wall street expected. If you read the other posts, all of them are convinced fidax is first line agent. Also,please note that just because fidax is added on formulary does not mean that it is first line nor available freely. I am not saying fidax is not a good drug, I am just saying vancomycin is still very useful,widely used,cheap as dirt, and in the majority of the patients, very effective. I am long on optr but the expectations on this message board is waaaaaay tooooo high. Ii assure you that fidax will make it on most hospital formulary, but I can also assure you that fidax will be very restricted in use and sales volume will be low. Optr price adjustment reflects this. Also FDA gave fidax fast approval because it does offer a back up alternative to vancomycin and that fidax like vancomycin is not absorbed into the system giving it a good safety profile when given orally. The urgency for the need of fidax is waaaaay overblown as it is clearly reflected by the message board.

    • been washin' 'em for only contains, doesn't cure...

    • He is not cornered, he'll still maintain the same stance. Advising the washing of hands is not going to prevent anything because how the heck are you going to enforce that anyway?

    • u are insinuating that since hospitals haven't made an IMMEDIATE changeover to Dificid as first-line treatment that they will never do it...I beg to differ...

    • Again....trying to stay with don't respond to my msgs. so am I that far off on this,or, is it you that's coming up a little SHORT??? Using your line of thinking.....I need to ask....Did they kill all horses the day the auto was introduced??? Or was there a RAMP UP PERIOD ? Never response necessary.....IGNORE>>>>>>AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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      • It is a well known fact that there is resistance to some degree to every antibiotic. Last time you had a "cold or bronchitis" did your physician immediately put you on the latest and greatest new antibiotic and to make sure you really get high concentrations gave you an IV or did your physicain gave you a z-pack or amoxicillin (that has been around for years). I REST MY CASE... By the way, strep resistance to Amoxicillin is much higher than C.Diff resistance to Dificid yet Amoxicillin is very commonly prescribed. For serious infections, Zosyn is often used (when was the last time you got Zosyn?)


    • 1) r u really a doc?
      2) r u long vphm?
      3) do u feel CMS and ins companies agree that u - IF u r an ID doc - should continue using vanco vs Dificid as 1st line treatment of c-diff, when clinical data is pointing to better response to Dificid, particularly in reducing recurrence? Or, doc, r u saying the recurrence rates r "acceptable" and u really do not care about the one pt in five that gets this nasty disease a 2nd time and re-enters the hospital, where the hospital will possibly not get paid for the re-admission which normally runs another 10+ days? Not sure the payer is going to agree with u...

      My opinion, of course...also, do u think nursing home docs will prescribe vanco or Dificid, if there's a diff in whether their patients will be hospitalized more frequently with vanco? If patients r sent out routinely to hospitals for c-diff, the SNF may see signify census fluctuation...

      R u sensitive to the fact that c-diff affects mostly elderly patients who find it difficult to deal with the terrible symptoms and accompanying frustration of managing this disease at home? If so, it's not coming thru...pls work on ur presentation...these r people after all...

      Lastly, do u think hand washing and other sanitation practices r improving in the hospital setting? Can u give us some stats? Surely u have those "at ur fingertips"...just curious

      And, rest assured, u will see even more hospitals adopting Dificid in the future...the drug is a RECENTLY approved solution for c-diff treatment...there is much education to b done, obviously, just from reading ur comments...

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      • (1) Numerous hospitals have already added Dificid on their formulary. Dificd is second line agent often requiring ID approval or restricted. (2) CMS and quality measures are focused at physicians washing hands to minimize C.diff spread. This is the recommendation of CMS and CDC (center for disease control). Dificid is not on neither recommendation (3) In real world practice, re-infection or long term antibiotic use is the top reason for C.Diff cases not resistance to vancomycin. YOU ARE GREATLY EXAGERRATING THE C.DIFF RESISTANCE ISSUE AND NOT REALLY READING MY POSTS WITH THE FACTS.... I CHALLENGE ANYONE ON THIS BOARD TO NAME ONE HOSPITAL THAT ELIMINATED VANCOMYCIN AND USE DIFICID AS A FIRST LINE AGENT....

      • he'll get w/you soon...had to go show a bank-owned property????

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