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  • slick_trader24 slick_trader24 Dec 5, 2011 4:01 PM Flag

    This stock has 27.90% Short of Float

    OPTR has 44.64 million shares.

    27.90% or 10.44 million shares are short.

    Any good news from Europe/U.S/sales/company bought out------->and this stock skyrockets.

    I was almost tempted to buy another few hundred shares today with my CSOD profits.

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    • you didn't even address your credibility problem, thereby adding to to you, as well, "pro"-investor.

    • Not wise-acre like that most of time. Just that [he?] tries to correct my investment habits so figured spelling was on the table!!!!

    • Thank-you--I hated being the only guy amazed at his ability to butcher simple grammar and spelling--I have to warn you though correcting his illiteracy can become a full time job.

    • jia it's their not there it's affect not effect it's lost not lossed "invest at your own peril", I invest so that I get the win and you take the loss,doesn't everyone?? Oh,guess thats true in OPTR case.....Stay short please

    • Are you out of your mind...I will disregard your patronizing for the time being.

      BIG, BIG and extra Humongous DIFFERENCE. DNA had a technology platform which made it very valuable (first to develop recombinant expression production systems)....whereas OPTR has no such platform, much less any product in the pipeline. They stumbled on a product that was initially discovered by Abbot. NO PIPELINE, NO means to produce a pipeline, no innovation, no infra-structure for discovery or least compete with pharma, etc, etc. etc. Any small amount of money they get will be lossed to inflated salaries and bonuses....

    • any takers....

      Bottom line, at best, if executed perfectly (which I argue OPTR will most likely fail based on historical averages of companies not being able to execute), there max revenues tops out between $200-250M/year. And then there are the long-term IP issues (which most are highly ignorant about), the out of control expenses (which retail Longs don't seem to care, and I can assure you OPTR management does not care as well, LOL), which all effect long term profitability or aka, the products nPV. This is example where retail Longs will be schooled once the corrupt funds/institutions bring you into the deception.....

    • Oh yea,forgot,already did my work....thats why I bought. Called dd I do not remember anywhere in sec filings or anywhere else that a person could view current expenditures. Do not need your "help" Bought attractively. You are the one that's working to bash in order to get yours.Sorry about today but get used to only beginning

    • You just did. I am uneducated and had no idea where to start.Thanks How do you spell sec?I could not get anywhere without you smart guys. I'm just a dumb Missouri mule. You do know that when they used to team a mule with a horse on a wagon hitch that the mule would always walk a half-pace slower than the horse. When the horse would wear out the mule would stand quietly and wait for the replacement. Keep up the good work and thanks again!!!!!!!

    • <<The general statement you make about optr spending like big shots could easily be verified by someone in the know in the investment community. OMG thats ,how 'bout something concrete.>>

      Check out their SEC filings and you'll see all the nitty gritties there (and you will be SHOCKED!)....I refuse to do work for lazy Longs

    • do any of you pumping hard Longs ever consider why big pharma hasn't gobbled up OPTR, given it's so-called superiority to Vanc? Do you really think big pharma has let this gem go or undiscovered through Phase 3 without proper nPV evaluation.... LOL!

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