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  • loriskhireward loriskhireward Mar 15, 2012 11:54 AM Flag

    c-diff way up, handwashing not working

    imo. There is much more to the Dificid story than simply "caregivers need to wash their hands better, more often"...despite what some would have you believe. The FDA had experts review the need for the drug, analyze trends that could improve with use of the drug, received physician input into practical need/use of the drug...

    ...and STILL approved it! Rest assured (imo), we will see increased sales...don't let the bashers throw the "baby" out with the bathwater by de-sentisizing you to the risks of c-diff infections in seniors - a population that is growing EXPONENTIALLY. It's like saying a new drug for Alzheimer's is not worth the cost (again, the patient population is primarily seniors), except that c-diff is resulting in deaths among the elderly who have acquired it through hospitals, nursing facilities or other means.

    Institutionalization of the elderly/seniors will continue (again, exponentially, as care cannot ALWAYS be provided at home), and Dificid fills a need where vanco has been used for years...focus on ease of administration, efficacy and reduction in deaths, imo.

    Good luck to all.