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  • inforesource7 inforesource7 May 25, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    OPTR Is Now An Event Driven Stock - Short Interest Is Irrelevant

    proinvesctor 2010,

    Do you really think you and your short minions have any influence on the OPTR stock price or even read your rants on this message board? You are all just a small fish in a big pound. We are all familiar with the fundamentals. OPTR is an event driven stock now (acquisition) so the fundamentals are only a concern for the bidders. A higher short interest (+ 882,685 shares) in the past 15 days proves nothing other than some had to short more at higher price levels or average up to get out of a deep hole. How many of you were flushed out on the following dates? Tell us how the price action was on 5-13-13 when the stock closed up +14.40% (3rd highest 15 day trading volume) and on 5-15-13 when the stock price closed up +13.54% (highest 15 day trading volume)? You guys will never know when an intra day news leak comes out to spike the stock price above prior stock price highs or when pre-market news comes out that will spike the stock price higher. For instance Tuesday morning 5-28-13 will be fun when the news is distributed that James Flynn of Deerfield Management LP submitted an SEC 13G filing on Friday 5-24-13 indicating he and his hedge fund has taken a share position of 2,697,659 shares or 5.54% stake in OPTR. Seems to me James Flynn is convinced of a positive future outcome to the upcoming OPTR event.

    To all and any shorts who may read this post. The trend has changed here. Suck it up, cover your positions and move on or wait impatiently for the public announcement of a Definitive Merger Agreement between OPTR and Party X?

    I will kindly sell you 1/2 of my position at $20.00 if you care to buy them.

    Sentiment: Hold