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  • alternatepatel alternatepatel Jul 23, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    jfriedz87, do you have scripts data for Dificid?

    they said in 1Q cc that they are seeing strong uptake of dificid in april..

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    • jfriedz87 / alternatepatel,

      Source was deal reporter.

    • All,

      part two

      In addition to the overall need for effective therapies with high cure rates, therapies that prevent CDAD recurrences, and for those that have proven efficacy in recurrent infections, effective IV CDAD therapies also have a place in the CDAD market, specifically among patients that cannot tolerate oral therapies” said Associate Therapeutic Class Director of Infectious Diseases Brenda Perez-Cheeks, Ph.D. “This is an area where tigecycline, which has potent activity against C. difficile and is emerging as a salvage therapy for CDAD, could gain patient share and differentiate itself from the competition”

      With respect to emerging CDAD therapies, physicians generally have low awareness of agents in development for treatment of CDAD; approximately 10 percent of physicians are aware of Merck’s 3415A and Cubist’s CB-315, while only 4 percent are aware of Actelion’s ACT-179811 (cadazolid).

    • All,

      Any thoughts on this older news / survey would be appreciated.

      part one

      According to Surveyed Physicians, Oral Vancomycin and Optimer/Cubist/Astellas’ Dificid are the Top Performing Drugs in the Treatment of CDAD

      BioTrends Research Group and Arlington Medical Resources Release TreatmentTrends®:Clostridium difficile Infections (U.S.) Report

      December 17, 2012 - Exton, Penn. – BioTrends Research Group and AMR in their TreatmentTrends®: Clostridium difficile Infections (U.S.) report find that metronidazole and oral vancomycin continue to be the workhorse drugs for the treatment of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD), but metronidazole is likely to lose market share, owing to metronidazole treatment failures. Furthermore, physicians perceive both oral vancomycin and Optimer/Cubist/Astellas’ Dificid (fidaxomicin) as the leading performers in areas that are important to prescribing practices for CDAD, including lower risk for relapse, efficacy in severe CDAD, and efficacy in recurrent infections. Moreover, about half of surveyed physicians indicate that fidaxomicin, Salix’s Xifaxan (rifaximin), and fecal transplants stand to gain from increases in physician use in the next 12 months.

      Surveyed physicians also note that a notable segment of the CDAD patient population is unable to take oral capsules, and approximately 40 percent of CDAD patients are administered therapies via alternative routes, including IV, enema, and nasogastric tube. Indeed almost all physicians report using IV metronidazole in the past 12 months for CDAD, but, nearly one-third have also used Pfizer’s IV Tygacil (tigecycline) for this indication.

      see next post for part two

    • All,

      Does anyone ever listen to or read the transcripts for Astellas earnings? Being a foreign company it has been hard to locate.This could provide another clue on Dificid sales if they report prior to OPTR.

      If any of you follow Pharma closely the following may make sense to you and maybe you can provide your thoughts.

      I have read that OPTR mgmt presentations took longer than expected due to suitors asking for more data on relapse rates that have supported the pricing of Dificid. Is this standard practice during due diligence or does it sound like the suitors have a concern?

      I have also read that Dificid is seen as a third-line therapy in CDAD which limits sales for the drug.

    • jfriedz87 Jul 23, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

      I have no script data although hopefully that news is true as it is encouraging. Astellas and Cubist know how its selling tho( promotional partners)......and they both bid for the company , just saying.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy