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  • erbII erbII Jul 21, 2011 8:21 AM Flag

    Expect sideways trading until report and then 52-wk low

    Expect trading to be in the $26.50 to $29.50 range until the earnings report and then to make a fresh 52-wk low as the expectations from analyst are way out of line with reality.

    How can IMAX improve 400% over last quarter's actual earnings and 50% over last year when this is a down year for the movie industry?

    If I was the CEO I would've sold my stock as well!!!

    It must be the analyst shorting the stock because they know their call is way out of line.

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    • erbII, Hows the Luck going?

    • The smart money sold this months ago - now the bag holders are running for cover...

      Oh..the shame of it all !!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, you are so right.

      I just "lucked up" when the stock was trading at $26.87 to $28.30 on July 11th and told everyone it would hit a 52-week low after the earnings report.

      And I was so lucky when it went down to $13.70 after the earnings report...oh my gosh, a 52-week low...

      And I'll be so lucky when he goes thru to another 52-week low...TODAY !

      And I'll be so lucky when the earnings report comes out and misses Wall Sreet expectations by a mile again...

      I AM a lucky guy !!!!

    • I am always surprised at the number of people who mistake luck for skill.

      Just the beginning. We will see.

      The question to be answered is .15-.21 for the quarter reasonable for a $14 stock.

      Of course it is, especially since this is historically the 3rd weakest quarter of the year.

    • T-I-M-B-E-R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is just the beginning....if you have been keeping up with my postings since July then you should not be surprised by the downturn.

      Analysts are expecting a 200% increase in earnings versus last QTR....that is triple what IMAX made in the 2nd QTR...Are they crazy !!!!

    • Goodness ! You are missing my point.

      I don't believe these numbers are any good and I haven't for the past 2 quarters, but what I think and what you think doesn't make any difference in what is going to happen to this stock price once they report !

      When Wall Street analysts lock in their numbers -that is what this stock is going to be judged by..whether you agree with it or like it or not.

    • Your the one relying on these numbers.

    • I suggest you go back and look a little closer at your Yahoo Finance estimates as Yahoo Finance also shows 12 analysts projecting .22/share vs .07 /share.

      Let me know when you find out what their names are...

    • yahoo finance shows 16 analysts. Average rating went up this month. If an analyst is consistebtly wrong, then they should be ignored. I consistently doubt the accuracy of these projections. Imax reported BO of "T3" $62 million and $72 M for "HP". That is just 1 component to earnings.

      I suggest finding out who these people are before you accept the SWAG estimates blindly.

    • Wall Street has 12 analysts following this stock. The consensus of these analysts is that IMAX will earn .22/share vs the .07/share it made last quarter. That is impossible !

      THAT, my friend, is what everyone is going to look at when the earnings report comes out. If IMAX misses on that .22 then you will see it go under $10 a share in a hurry.

      These same analysts have been over-expecting for the last 2 quarters by some you know why your stock is in the tank and fixing to go much lower.

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