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  • artinca_82 artinca_82 Mar 4, 2013 8:23 AM Flag

    Jack the Giant Slayer

    I remember a time when IMAX would only show the obvious upcoming blockbusters....not silly trash like this film. I divested my holdings during the ride up. I would have made more if I'd stayed, buy my conscience is clear. I've seen the digital playback in a "designed-for-film" house. This huge front wall masked down to a postcard. Sure, you can get optics to enlarge the picture, and LLE's to illuminate it, but it WILL be pixelated...even with the newer 4K machines.

    I snuck into a showing of this film (I will NEVER pay to see an IMAX digital show) and was appalled....both at the fact IMAX decided to waste screen time on it, and the studio thinking it would be a winner.

    Such a poorly run company I've never seen. My spies within Mississauga (the ones that haven't fled the ship yet) report middle management ego trips and crazy rules being enacted. People huddle in fear in their cubicles on the second floor wondering if the next pink slips will be in their inbox.

    Bitter? Yep! I wasted time on these people and finally left when they put an bozo in charge of a particular department. No common sense. Nowhere. Glad I'm gone and I recommend others leave as quickly as possible.

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    • The company probably IS as big a mess as you say, but "This silly trash" turns out to be a big seller, at least for the first weak.

    • "I remember a time when IMAX would only show the obvious upcoming blockbusters"

      The only way to do that is only have films in the summer, around the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas and one hit or miss spring movie.

      Where did you see Jack? I'm just curious because it's playing at 68th and Broadway a film Imax.

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      • I saw it in one of the converted theaters in L.A. Used to be film, but now digital only. I hesitate on specifiying the theater, because there's always an exit door open there! I carrry my own glasses, both 45's and 90's. That's the nice thing about the 68th and Broadway theater....if it's offered in film, it will be there for sure.

      • what are everyone's thoughts with the first couple months of the year? seems like a lot of weakness overall in the movies the last month or so (atleast in the US). interesting price action since i figured with the amount of short interest we would see some downward pressure but we've been holding and gradually moving up. any good news could really send this up rather quickly since the short interest is continually building - gotta give at some point.

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