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  • iamforstocks iamforstocks Jul 31, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    Is IMAX so bad...

    Is the company so bad that it is the only stock in the red in my list on an up day. I don't think so . Yes , the mgmt are a greedy #$%$ lot but the product is still the best with considerable potential..i hope all this weird weakness is leading into something big..and..something good...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You have been around long enough to know how random it is.

      Weren't you around in the single digits. 3 if remember correctly. There were plenty of complaints about it not getting above 7. Not so much anymore.

      At some point I think it will head up very quickly, it is just impossible to know when.
      The biggest catalyst I see at this point is the setup of the Demo/Test Laser theater. Hopefully that will be fairly soon.

    • There may some concerns about the new board member(s) that will have to settle down.

      Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye were founders, co-CEO/co-chairmen and Executive producers at New Line, with a long line of successful franchises including the Lord of the Rings films. In 2008 Time Warner shut them down, fired them, fired 500 New Line employees and put the New Line name as a small operating unit under Warner Bros. The co-CEOs were not pleased.

      Earlier, Peter Jackson and all the major Lord of the Rings actors sued New Line and the CEOs for unpaid salaries and royalties leading Jackson and Shaye to swear they would never ever work with each other again.

      It was in 2008, after being removed from New Line - the company they had built, that Lynne and Shaye went off and founded Unique Features LLC. From 2008 to 2011 Unique tried tried to work and distribute through Warner but it did not work out. All working arrangements between them ceased in 2011.

      Lynne and Shaye are listed as Executive Producers of the 2013 City of Bones and 2014 City of Ashes films. The first has already been announced as an IMAX DMR release this month. City of Bones is distributing through Sony and Screen Gems in North America.

      Warner Bros and Unique Features have not had the best relationship over the years to say the least.
      Michael Lynne is still co-founder/co-CEO/co Executive Producer at Unique (to date an stated in the SEC filing) although at age 70 he might be in the process of easing out.
      Having the Executive Producer and owner of a private company doing business with IMAX while on the board of IMAX will raise some eyebrows/questions.
      There are still two Hobbit films to come and some may have concerns about the longer term feuds or whether everyone has kissed and made up.

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