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  • gharabe gharabe Jan 30, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    This will be a $30/sh stock by FEB 15th.

    We'll be up 10% in around the next 10 trading days....that's a statement I'm making right now.
    As we go into what could possibly be the 2nd best set of earning this company has ever (ex. tax benefits), the stock price will accumulate going into the earning week.

    Mark this: The rate for $30 FEB calls is $0.25.
    You will regret not buying these in just over 10 trading days.

    I will say, news of all executives getting handome salary increases led by the pudgy one himself is off-putting for all shareholders, especially potential new ones. Putting in terms like "resignation" not counting if Gelfond leaves or is forced out....I mean, come one, not attractive whatsoever, but it is what it is. Those guys are positioned to take a large chunk of corporate profits for themselves. And the way the board is configured and populated and the terms and conditions now in place to enrich executives, I now do not believe there is any chance of a friendly takeover. Hostile or bust is the only way it'll happen.

    Late 2014 will be the turning point for this stock, but FEB 2014 will have been the initial catalyst.

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