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  • more_gutz2006 more_gutz2006 Jul 20, 2006 5:21 PM Flag


    Some great advice for EVC in the future. Hire management that knows the importance of telling the truth.
    Ever heard of "Honesty is the best Policy"
    Truthfullness never alienates or disgruntles employees.
    Truthfulness never causes vendors to sue you, infact it usually entices repeat business.
    Truthfulness is so important.

    Have you ever heard of "Dirty Hands", where someone can not bring a lawsuit against another party if they have in fact violated the law. Kind of interesting isn't it.

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    • Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. If you know who is posting all these messages why don't you go after him. I am kind of interested in those $6.85 stock options and that California Ethics Commission Case 2001, What about that Dan MacElwain guy? aren't there employment and IRS records you can prove or disprove the collussion with Regency Outdoor? Maybe it was the FBI that had those Witness lists removed from this board.
      Smell you later.

      Your Nutzy fired friend

    • mouth_of_the_infinite_jackass mouth_of_the_infinite_jackass Jul 21, 2006 3:50 PM Flag

      "Truthfullness never alienates or disgruntles employees."

      What a load of horse shit.

      Idiots like you always think they know everything better than management, no matter how correct or honest any given management might be. Even when given the truth they refuse to believe it. Just because you don't like the answer, it doesn't mean it's wrong.

      What you mean to say is "Tell me what I want to hear, give me what I want, and there won't be any trouble."

      You are little more than a labor terrorist, and a poor one at that. Every post you make increases our awareness of your pathetic ignorance. Let it go already.

    • That would be the clean hands doctrine. And I do believe there are some not so clean hands in this organization.

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