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  • forteustis forteustis Aug 29, 2013 7:16 AM Flag

    A few bears or plain ignorance

    Let me begin saying I believe this stock should be trading for over $7.20 already; however; there are a few individuals hurting EVC. I am not sure if they are doing it on purpose or by plain ignorance. If you notice, these individuals are buying anywhere between 15K and 23K shares. Every time the stock gains momentum to what could be a journey to the $7-$9 range; these individuals dump their shares at market value, which lowers the stock and cause days of 5%-7% decreases. We all know about Wilkinson, who owns millions of shares and has done the same thing in two occasions during the last three months, but I am talking about the others making an average of 9 cents per share. It is alright to be a day trader and make a few cents per share, by buying and selling; as long as the sale is done at a limit price and not at market value. Limit price could make these individuals a bigger return without holding back the stock. Selling limit will only slow down the stock for a little, but will allow the continuous increase that made us fall in love with EVC. Even the retirement of many NJ government employees is being affected by these individuals. I only hope this is being done by ignorance, which can be rectified with education, and not by a few bears squeezing few drops of juice out of what could be a juicy and healthy fruit. Bottom-line, I believe that after the positive earning EVC reported 29 days ago, this stock could be trading over $8. These individuals just have to make their money, but let it grow before other investors lose their faith and move on.

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    • Are you insane? What a load of garbage! Be happy, buy the dips. By Q4 and heading into a great 2014 EVC PPS will be doing great with the spectacular refi flowing through to EPS & cash flow and so many operational growth catalysts. Calm down. We know the future is very strong.....

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      • You are correct. The fundamental difference between a swing trader and day trader is to get into the correct position to ride momentum. You can either buy in anticipation of the momentum or buy as it is catching fire. This one is hard to catch without anticipation/ The stock will fly as the savings on interest and mid term elections add extra juice to the eps growth. Couple that with the explanation marketing to the Hispanic community for Obama Care. Extra spending means faster growth top line and an improved operating profit . Nice combo.

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