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  • cmegladon cmegladon Apr 27, 2008 8:53 PM Flag

    OT Chinese mfger

    BSi, instead of expressing what sounds like "confusion", just watch the flow.
    The quandry you are in will clear up in oh, 9-10 months or so.
    You have been on the right side of the trade, just too early. You and may others have been ahead of the curve.
    Bad times are ahead. World markets aren't reflecting it yet.
    US companies are reflecting good sales (influenced by international).
    Influenced by currency.
    Influenced by "good" inflation (and you should understand that).
    Either sit with the KING (cash), or trade long on Asia for a few months.
    Then, hit it with what you have neen touting recently.

    Sorry to sound like such a brazen, simple, bore.

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    • I'm fine, thanks. The VIX/VXN are setting up. I'm just pointing out the tells to those are interested or may have missed them.

      PS. Loading out scrap at 350/ton. 2 hour wait to unload at the dealer...draw your own conclusions.

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