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  • misterquidam misterquidam May 2, 2008 12:21 PM Flag

    to slavacus on PTR

    I agree with you on your response to me. Sorry you're under pressure. Remeber that you have'nt lost anything till you sell. You just have that capitol "in jail" for the time being. Do you agree that it is an eventuality that the chinks will crash???/if so, it is just a waiting game. Seriously, you can recover somewhat with ETFC. wait for a 3.96 -4.00 pullback. Check out theiur financials in a sense of there progress in the last 2Q's.
    I am alsoin jail with GOOG at 699 and RIMM at 135. 6 weeks ago i thought it would take a year minimum just to get even in REIMM How can I sell a great stock with a great company behind it. You may want to spec on some GA. Great company poised for takeover. Do the work you may agree. You go to keep some cah to go long on some good prospects . My regret is that i sold out of PTR on there report the other day. That was my hedge against FXP cause it had the most volitility of all the 25. end game the tide will come back

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    • Thank you for your opinion.
      "Remeber that you have'nt lost anything till you sell. " I am not sure about that mentality, doesn't seem like it will bring you any good... Sure, you could wait and hope that something will go back up, but there is such a thing as opportunity cost. Since i trade on margin, this opportunity cost is VERY real.

      As for your suggestions about stocks. I am not at all interested in a financial stock that almost went bankrupt (ETFC), RIMM seems to be too risky of a play (with iphone and other competing with it, rimm's market share might get dissolved soon), and GA - I didn't even realize an online game company could have its own stock with 4 BILLION market cap! I feel like this is 1999 all over again!

      Anyway, like i said, im not particularly interested in trying to figure out which companies will do well and which ones won't - just trying to play the macro trend, then pick out the investment with the highest beta to get hopefully get a better roi (if i am correct).

      Here's an interesting article -
      "Hope Floats on 'Better-Than-Expected' Jobs Data"... sounds like something i would say :-))) :'Better-Than-Expected'-Jobs-Data?tickers=JAVA,SUNW,YHOO,%5ESPX,%5EDJI,%5EIXIC,SPY

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