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  • misterquidam misterquidam Jun 15, 2008 9:58 PM Flag

    3 minutes to..

    That new asian sports drink...China crush

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    • of course i know is all considered. The ballsy plays i made that cancelled out tose losers i mention where CSUN ETFC Mos and MOS and MOS and MOS.....Oh I forgot V and V and V and V
      Some of those trades where reckless, but in the worl of mathematics, recklessness also has its place and time,
      Just to give my self credibility I am still stuck with 200 TXT and 600 ESRX One I am down 17 pts in and the other I am down 7. Tomorrow i will sell both of them and buy MOS at any price . Limit to the current quotes tomorrow. I need Mos to go to 197 to reach the break even point of the two aforementioned stocks. The thing is that if i am willing to sit with textron (ehich i am) and wait for it to get to 70 and am willing to sit with Exspress scripts till they get to 74...I am certainly willing to sit with MOS till it hits 197.......and it will before the other 2 hit the break even target. This is a sell but in a way it is a reapportioning, sort of like an ambiguous sell that is watched closely for accuracy down the road.
      The question I take profit from RIMM (again) right here and now. or do i hold till after earnings 6/25 confirmed. Adding to the confusion is that RIMM is always good for ramping up after the report as well as before...I guess i just dont want to miss a pullback between no and then.

    • the point is, if you make 15% two weeks in a row, and lose 50% the third week - you really aren't making money, but are going backwards.... And yet, you are sitting here, screaming how you slaughter the market to the tune of 15-20% a week.

    • Ref: ".. be fery intollerant of _ movement."

      Very generous contribution.
      However, I can only read as "... be very intollerant of _ movement.", and cannot fill in the word or letters in "-".
      Could you fill them in?

    • if you look at my response post that starts ' to be honest" you will see all the burials I've had

    • "I all humility i make fortunes every week. I dont talk about it for you would never beleiv it. yeh, I have loosers. But i slay the market to the tune of %15-%20. "

      The point is, YOU always seem to talk about your good trades, non a peep about bad trades. All of us had a few 20-30% weeks, but we had some losing weeks too, yet, we don't go around saying we make fortunes EVERY week.

    • yeh i would stay far away. I had a big position that averaged down to 22. On there last report I got closed to being sawed in half. I sold out at 12.75. There are so many knock offs on a style that is going the way of the DVD player...that is you can buy one in walmart for 26 bucks. The only hope is that nike or the like will buy crox but i cant see any catalyst for that unless nike needs a loosing division for a tax write off.I dare say thought. that as you approach there next q you might be able to get 1-2 pts going into earnings because there are still a lot of beleivers out there...beleive it or not. Definitly sell before the report though

    • There were some of us on the FXP board here talking about CROX a few months ago. I looked at it but ultimately took a pass. The brand has spun a zillion knockoffs and I just don't see it as a long term play.

    • To be honest i took serious beatings in the following BIIB %28 CROx %40 TXT %10
      GOOG bought 675 still holding

    • about %17...there was a time that i was down all last years gains mid january. I made all that back 7 weeks ago till now + on target for this year. Made some ballsy trades that a fund manager might never do. Beleive it or not i do not subscrbe to masive diversification. I beleive that massive diversification increased your chances to lose. I rather go strong with a position usually no more than 5 at time and be fery intollerant of _ movement. I also rarely hold a core poosition but if i do it only represents 25 percent of my total position in that stock. the other 75 percent i tier in and out as the market dictates..I put forth that fund managers are not as diversified as you think. They are not diversified porportionatly over all there positions reletive to the total amount of $ invested. In one respect they dont have to diversify to keep up with the game...they are the game. ie friday they started loading up on solar again .I dont know how long this will last...maybe a few days. Then someone will say something ridiculously great about buying financials. It will apear that , thatis the reason the big money is now scoffing up financials, but in fact,, the fake bullishness on tv is put there to COVER bigmoneys going into financials. In other words,,, everything is manipulated but under a great illusion.If you get rid of all the financial books etc etc ...charts bla bla blka ,,,its easy to make money here. This is somewhat of an overstatement, but basically think of it as a poker game with the big money pkayers all trying to outgame each other. All we are are the bystanders betting on who has the best hand. This week its solar.

    • 15-20% in one week is nothing if you get -30, -40% the next.

      For the past 12 months, what was your return?

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