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  • dowjones1234 dowjones1234 Aug 9, 2008 10:13 AM Flag

    The Real Reasons for High Gas and Diesel Prices!

    Subject: The Real Reasons for High Gas and Diesel prices at the Pump

    Thanks to all you left wing liberals, left and right wing politicians, democrat and republican elected officials that fill our U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate as well as out of control environmentalists located across the U.S.A. for $130.00 per barrel oil and $3.75 per gallon gasoline at the pump.

    Most Americans want to blame the incumbent President and or Presidents of the past. However, I blame all of those I mentioned above for doing nothing for the last 35 years that has guided and boxed our country into the woeful energy crises position that we are presently in. Thanks for $130.00 per barrel oil and $4.00 per gallon gas and $5.00 per gallon diesel at the pump. You all have won! And, what a great job you have done!

    Thanks to you all for all the laws and restrictions that you have legislated and policies that you have put in place that restrict drilling in Alaska, or off the coasts of California, Florida, Georgia or Alabama. Thanks to you, no oil drilling on any of the lands that have been "locked up" under the pretext of environmentally pristine lands made off limits by the Clinton administration. Thanks to you all for no new nuclear power plants being constructed in the U.S. in the last 30 years. Thanks for not approving and blocking our nuclear storage facility for spent nuclear fuels, past and future in Nevada, another great job, well done.

    Thanks for all of the laws and regulatory hurtles that you have put in place that make it economically impossible to allow new gasoline refining plants in the US for the past 30 years and for the immediate future. Thanks for passing all of the laws that restrict any new coal fired power plants to be constructed to generate electricity. And, coal mining laws that restrict productivity and drive up the production cost of coal, our greatest natural resource that is located right here in the USA. Thanks for forcing us all to depend on foreign oil to run our economy, great job over the last 35 years! Thanks for putting a heavy economic burden on the working middle class for the fuel they need to heat their homes, feed their families and get to and from work every day. Turning corn into fuel was shear genius! What a great bunch of thinkers.

    Thanks for putting such an economic energy burden on many American businesses that they have had to seek opportunities on foreign soil in order to compete and stay in business. Thanks for blocking any kind of congressional legislation that might have lead to the passage of a comprehensive energy bill for the past 35 (thirty-five) years. You left wing liberal politicians are really special, a very special thanks goes to you all! Thank you very much.

    Thanks for the global warming scare being caused by hydrocarbon pollution rather than the real reason of a “natural earth warming cycle” that takes place about every 500 to 800 years.

    And lastly, thanks for trying to blame all of your (Our U.S. Senators and Congressmen) shortcomings, inadequacies and failures on the oil companies that make about 7% profit on a barrel of oil or a gallon of gas sold. Shame on you all!

    Well, you all have won and the rest of us all hope that you are proud of yourselves. See you all in November after the election. You all want change? It’s coming….. We need new representation in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. And, we need it Now!

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    • AMEN!!!! You said a mouthful and everyone needs to e mail that message to their senators and representatives.

    • Yet another rushbot.

      We have a two party system, neither party can really get much done w/o some help from the other. The idiots in washington from both parties have been acting utterly irresponsible since the mid 90s. Really heated up when Clinton just had to be impeached for screwing around with that Lewinsky woman. What a monumental waste of time and effort, not to mention the damage this caused to the goodwill between these two parties that have to cooperate to actually do anything.

      Frankly attitudes like yours are a part of the problem. You know all the answers (as delivered unto you by rush his holy highnass), your opinion is fact, there is no other possibility, anyone who disagrees is dismissed and ignored with disdain.

      Conservation and increased production are two obvious courses of action to take given a world of decreasing cheap oil supplies. This has been obvious for a long long time. But given our idiots in washington, we got neither of these, and here we are today. Wonderful. More recently, it has been the republicans who have been blocking the efforts of the democrats (who just happen to be in the majority these days, sorry) to act on some of these things. Election year grandstanding politics come first apparently, just great.

      Btw, how bout that war of choice in iraq. We can thank the extreme neocon's for the huge cost (treasure and blood) on that call. Are you aware of what the Bush administrations have done to the national debt? Thanks for devaluing the dollar by 50% and creating a generation of wounded warriors.

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      • We're ditto heads, not rushbots.
        Get those facts straight!

        Doesn't matter.
        As long as the forces we bicker about keep us
        at each others throat, they've succeeded.

        Many do not realize the real strategy at hand,
        and continue to blame the other "party".

        BTW, I do recommend buying into the green plan.
        Only because it may be the next bubble, and I would
        like to take a ride one more time.......

        Best to all,
        Mr. Brown

    • I'll post this once more since it appears you didn't read it or the link provided. Or perhaps you did read it but choose to ignore it as the facts don't seem to fit your ideology.

      The Republicans couldn't get offshore drilling and because of this they wouldn't give a filibuster-proof majority to the Democrats on any other energy issue. So Americans watched a crucial bill needed to extend tax subsidies for wind and solar stall in the Senate with just 59 votes only one shy of the number needed to break the filibuster. If Congress doesn't take action on this issue in September, when the politics will really be flowing in Washington, the tax credits will expire at year's end, and so will a lot of momentum for solar and wind development.

      Republicans also blocked a sensible bill aimed at curbing the speculation in oil markets that has contributed to the churn in oil prices.

      Another widely supported bill to provide more home heating assistance for the poor died last week also a victim of the politics-first, policy-later attitude.

      The Bush Energy Department has determined that production from offshore drilling "would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030" and that such production is expected to have an "insignificant" effect on "average wellhead prices."

    • **YAWN**

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