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  • stavrostruck stavrostruck Mar 28, 2013 3:27 AM Flag

    LOL!! Chan laughing at basher wasting its life. Says pps "MEANINGLESS"..LOL!!!

    LOL!!, I love Chan. He couldn't care less about the idiot bashing under 10 names and answering its own posts..Chan says pps "MEANINGLESS" because it doesn't affect his strategy in the least. Like he said, he's not gonna sell the "tree" (ctso), he's gonna sell all the "fruits" on the tree. Can you imagine what the buyout could be if Chan sells all of the upcoming devices as seperate products with its own large unmet market and not just ctso as a whole? It could off the charts!!! So all this bashing by the fool is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME..LOL!!!!!!

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    • BUMP

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    • Remember this!!!!
      In Dr. Chans own words, "PPS is MEANINGLESS" .....
      The "big news" is coming. As Dr. Chan says, "Patients will bring big rewards"
      Just sit back and wait for the release of the dosing report, the partnerships, distributors and in my opinion, the "Buyout" by Fresenius or J and J news. Its impossible talks are not going on with the recent hires, the PR/IR firms hired, the announcement that doctors are using the device for other illnesses and the "SUCCESS STORIES ARE COMING", the news that "CTSO HAS NOW LAUNCHED IN THE UK" and on and on...Do you really think these important hires with men who are "EXPERIENCED IN MERGER AND ACQUISITIONS" are just sitting on their hands doing "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" everyday as we are all at our jobs working everyday...Don't worry, the big news is coming..

    • Yes and No. I contend that the fool works for Fresenius and is here to keep the stock depressed as they buy all they can. It keeps new inestors away and if difficulties ever occured, this company could be bought out dirt cheap. We simply need an overwhelming number of new money that believes the future. We need published data.

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      • That theory doesn't quite hold as the volume for this stock does not tell a tale of anybody accumulating to build a majority position. Even so the increase in shares in order to "stave" off a takeover would rule that out. I think that all it really does is dilute the current shareholders position and nothing more. I have a small position in here for a pie in sky chance at a profit but the time required for CTSO to get trials done and prove everything out will take too long in my opinion. Its just more stringing along of the bagholders. Same story as last year and year before. I wont sell my 70000 shares but I wont buy anymore either.

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