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  • dah174174 dah174174 Jun 8, 2013 6:30 PM Flag

    About reverse splits from a someone with 30 years on Wall Street

    If you want CTSO to really rise in price on a long term basis, the price MUST be higher to get a real analyst and institutional following. No respected brokerage house or analyst can recommend a penny stock. The stock must be listed somewhere. The ASE is easier to get onto than the National OTC.

    Yes, it would be nice if CTSO went to $5.00 from .12 but it is not going to happen. Not enough of a following for that. You need some real institutional participation. SYNM recently split 1 for 10 and everyone moaned and groaned before it happened. Before the split the stock fell to about .35 from .45. It is now $7.00post split - equivalent to .70 on the old shares. It went up $1.50 in one day alone. A lot of shares that go nowhere means nothing. I welcome a reverse split and I am long 900,000 shares. I retired at age 56 after 30 years on Wall Street and believe me Dr. Chan knows what he is doing.
    Have patience and good luck.

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    • So what you're saying (No respected brokerage house or analyst can recommend a penny stock.) is that Zack's ("CTSO: Tiny Med-Tech With Huge Potential") is not respectable?

    • Dah,
      While I really appreciate your opinion, you must realize that most of us penny stock investors cant buy 900K shares. I have been holding this stock since 2011 and buying a little more as I could. I would appreciate you expanding on how you know that DR Chan knows what he is doing. It seems to me that they messed up the first trial and the result from the second trial is 6 months over due. The company needs much more money than they can earn so we need a partner NOW. It seems to me that the company really could care less about the shareholders who believe the most in them. With you 30 years of experience, do you think they are open and honest with the shareholders? What do you see as the time line for uplisting, partnering, and even the RS?


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      • Kobb,
        Dr. Chan is raising capital, increasing sales, hiring good management people and trying to raise awareness. He is setting the stage for the future. That is exactly what he should be doing at this point. I doubt even Dr. Chan could give you a specific timeline right now. My years on Wall Street have taught me that my opinions as to what will happen in the future are meaningless. That being said, It seems to me that the risk/reward ratio for CTSO is compelling. Enough said.

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    • dah,
      Just wondering what brought you to CTSO? I know that finding undervalued gems with huge potential doesn't come along every day. Any other CTSO-type sleepers in your portfolio?

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      • I was told about CTSO three years ago by a friend. This is the only long-shot I am holding. My portfolio is designed to provide income with some growth but I usually have one speculative position to keep it interesting. I have had others over the years and generally have done quite well but there have been some big clunkers also. My 900,000 shares of CTSO is 5% of my portfolio so while I believe it has great potential, a loss here would not be a game changer for me.
        Some of my main positions are JFR, VTA, GRX, GGT, GDV which are all ETFS and provide nice current income and have also grown nicely.

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    • Take no issue with your comment, but what's one who spent 30 years on Wall Street doing on the CTSO message board?

    • A R/S alone is not going to be enough of a catalyst to get institutional interest and/or analyst coverage. (And no, Zacks and the other 2-bit firm "covering" this stock do not count). R/S + significant news would work.

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