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  • ggrail ggrail Aug 12, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    Cha-ching and not cha-chan

    The reason the shares are diluted, and there are a bazillion shares, is that the company could not attract enough investors to its business plan. This means it had to find vendors and others willing to accept shares in lieu of payment for obligations of products or services CTSO received. Not unusual and not being derogatory here.

    In order to be successful as a public company you must attract investor funding and offer something in return, usually a return on your investment. CTSO shares not being the coin of the realm, are not what investors want to get paid in.

    It is one thing for the principal in a company to set up an idea, grow it into a public company, seek funding, take a salary, commit his or her funds or not, and then year after year go back to the well whilst offering only promises in return. It works, but only for a while. If the firm cannot gain momentum enough to break into a sector or create a new product that actually sells, interest will wane and dilution after dilution occurs. Not saying we are there yet but this is a fact of life in the microcap world.

    I really wish the company and shareholders the best. It is a product that, if successful, could become SOC for a number of problems. Potential promised though is not potential realized.

    Many have made this the Dr. Chan show and he has largely assisted in carrying that mantle. For institutional investors, however, it will be the cha-ching and not the cha-chan that is the sound from the register that investors want to hear.

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    • How many times have I said, 'no new money'; no new investors. Not even docs involved in studies. No news, no sucesses, no hype (heaven forbid); nothing from Chan. Just hope and future development. Nobody new is buying it.
      Then on top of that we have a Fresenius determined to bury this little nuisance of a competitor by shorting it into oblivion. I'm just curious what Chan did to #$%$ off Fresenius?? LOL probably knows.

    • Investors want a return OF and ON their investment. And over the years their has been a wide variety of investors willing to roll the dice that the product/technology and the management administering the business plan will deliver just that.

      Their has been slow & steady company growth on many fronts ( emphasis on slow) which is reflected in the most recent May 10-Q filing. The R&D costs jumped to $704k, legal & financial to $223k, G & A to $613k and net interest costs ( lowered) to $207k. Certainly most of these monthly $600k operational costs were paid in cash, not stock.

      As it will take years for sales to catch up with the continuing rise in operations the only way we ever become profitable is through one/more partnership agrrements that will only be garnered by strong data from ongoing/future dosing studies. As these studies have been underway in some form or fashion for nearly a year, its a bit troubling & befuddling why management wouldn't make results public. In the world I work in, if you conceal critical/material information that effects the valuation of a product/item, your setting yourself up for litigation. I'm not saying this management team is purposely or illegally witholding information, however I would like an explanation on why its taken nearly two years from the date of the now infamous "randomization issue" press release, and nearly one year into the KOL led dosing studies to release further results.

      As I've mentioned in previous posts, if management continues on this track, it will be another year of muddling along at the .10ct level until results ( hopefully) roll in from the clinically defined studies with the Army, Air Force & Vienna University- We'll never uplist, nor see the return of/on our investment without them --

      Sentiment: Hold

    • how many is a basillion?it that number used in all your stock calculations? if ctso has a basillion,how many bazillon does actc have? and is that authorized,outstanding or issued?

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      • Actually a basillion is the same thing that our beloved President wants to raise the National Debt to:
        So I would assume that it is more than 17 Trillion????So I would probably not buy a company that has a basillion shares outstanding. MOO

      • A bazillion sir, is an indeterminate number used as an exaggeration; different than an oxymoron such as Yahoo financial message board intelligence. As to actc I thought they were 70's Aussie rock band. But no. You must referring to another stock on the ctso board, see the example of oxymoron.

        I won't take it all back but have they actually issued 2.5 bazillion shares as reflected in Yahoo, actc not ac-dc I mean? I now get your point. Pardon my rudeness but I'm leaving it in and someone out there probably thinks your a shmuck for something and will give me the coveted thumbs up (and not the finger) just for writing this!

        Vox Populi at its best.

        Isn't this fun? Oh well I'm tired time for my nap market's closed.

    • Impressive for a first and only post, at least using the ggrail alias to the best of my observation. Comments, as well as arrows through the hearts of CTSO message board pollyannas, right on target. Surely the slur perceived in the minds of some was intended strictly in the vein of common message board parlance.

    • moto1960 Aug 12, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

      ggrail, you need to think before you write. You could have expressed your thoughts without using certain terms. MDLAND~

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