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  • meifud meifud Aug 26, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    pleased with the revenue numbers -- when they were so bad?

    just look at the last six months versus the previous six months
    or the last four quarters that show an accelerating drop even as the sales staff grew

    yet chan and company chose to highlight a meaningless year over year comparison knowing full well that last year they had only begun to sell. they should have gone back another year so they could have reported an infinite percentage increase in revenues.

    how bogus and deceptive can they get? and all the time these last two years, doing just enough on the studies front to keep folks interested and thinking things will change.

    stop the sales, get the studies done, and figure out whether or not you even have a marketable product!

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    • Geez Fudsy , looks like some of the folks are getting a little peeved over your "bloviating",eh?
      Not me though! Frankly I can enjoy watching you repeat the same stuff night after night ...... in fact I even share your posts with friends. They know I've tried to advise you but to no avail. Now we are just counting the times you R E P E A T yourself. Some would say "boring" but if it becomes a game, ........ not so much.
      OK , you're up, A G A I N. Heh,heh.

    • LOL Stop the sales! How dare Chan sell filters and gather more KOL's! LOL! You and your "protocols" are clueless. You understand that the dosing study is designed to reveal THE Pivotal trial protocol don't you?
      Have you not been listening to anything besides you own bloviating...

    • "stop the sales"?!?!?!?!? You have some unmitigated nerve to pretend to be so high and mighty and critiicize management. Everybody listening to that call understood about the sales last year. If not, the info is available in numerous places.

      Bail out of here if everything is so terrible. But, no, that would not serve your purpose. . . . .

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      • but nobody was questioning last year's sales on the cc, even though they spent a lot of time highlighting the meaningless percentage comparisons
        the concern, amigo, is with what has happened to sales over the last four quarters, specifically -- why they keep going down, why they are down over 50 percent
        all they did was explain that because the 1st qtr was so strong it was tough to beat, and said there would be fluctuations qtr to qtr
        well, the 1st qtr was not that strong because it was down from the previous qtr which was down from the previous qtr which tells us all the fluctuations have been in just one direction
        all of which begs the question of why the sales staff was increased and whether it makes sense to continue trying to sell filters when the market says it is not ready
        clearly, any money being wasted on the failing sales effort would be better spent on the long overdue studies which still do not have a defined schedule and only promise interim results months from now from a few of the sites
        that is so simple that even a biased, closed-minded, pumptard would have to admit it to herself

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