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  • meifud meifud Sep 4, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    let's be clear, YOY revenue comparisons are meaningless

    given that they just started selling last year, of course any percentage comparisons are going to be astronomically high but it means nothing
    might as well compare sales with two years ago when they had none and then talk about how sales are up an infinite percentage
    only deceptive pompom pumpers resort to such abuse of numbers
    and when the current quarter's report is released, those boasting about YOY comparisons will curiously shut up because the numbers will have gone down

    the only valid comparison for a company at this stage with this type of product is a sequential quarterly comparison and, on that basis, we see total revenues dropping as well as sales of filters going down

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    • just can't understand why cap'n jerry and the pumphouse gang keep repeating those year-over-year meaningless percentage comparisons when the only relevant numbers are the sequentially quarterly ones that have gone done the last nine months
      apparently there was some initial sell-in ( and now that the shelves are stocked, sales have slowed
      so, until something good comes from the long overdue studies, it looks like sales will fluctuate like the company said around where they have dropped
      that would suggest continuing annual sales of slightly more than $1 million
      so much for the value of the ce mark and/or the marketability in their "billion dollar" markets

    • just look at the income statements for the last four quarters and you will see that revenues have been falling

      what's even worse, especially for cap'n jerry and the rest of the YOY crowd, is that the next earnings report will be going up against the strongest quarter in the company's history
      hmm-mm, how big a percentage drop will we see YOY then....

      folks, they should not even be trying to sell filters before the studies are done and these sequential quarterly drops are going to be a liability going forward as doctors wonder why others haven't been buying

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