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  • proudamerican79th proudamerican79th Jun 19, 2014 9:40 PM Flag

    Requesting supporting data = sleazy tactics

    Careful you dope, don't assume you're only dealing with people that buy your BS. I think you need to explain the dishonesty and answer the question posed to you. The more I read you and watch your #$%$ parked permanently on this messagfe board, the more I believe you're VERY aware of DIAGF and exactly how close they are to achieving tremendous success. From a dime to a quarter, a lot of money generated to pour into what is very likely the first approved medical device for sepsis. If you're capable of reading and doing some basic math, you'll soon realize that at the interim point we are achieving more than double the 5% required efficacy with NO SAFETY issues. Add the diagnostic to screen and monitor therapy and you have an answer for the largest unmet need in global health. You're exposing yourself to anyone with an IQ greater than 100, perhaps you're unaware, but thought I'd help. You still haven't told readers where to read the clinical data that supports CTSO, surely there is a link on their should share.

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    • HEY proud, you're an excitable boy,huh? Who invited you here and did they ask you to babble on about another stock? No? I didn't think so.
      With those questions answered and the obvious lack of interest from the folks here, (I like to use "folks" so I can sound more earthy like Obama) ..... anyhow why not go back to the DIAGF board and try drumming up some biz. Obviously, you ain't getting anywhere here, eh?!

    • "we are achieving"....whoops! you spilled the beans...motive are not the sharpest knife in the drawer

    • You are obviously obsessed with DIAGF, so why aren't you posting on their MB? Don't waste your time here.

    • You still haven't said why you are here and who is paying you. You keep avoiding this core question, and continue to get indignant by calling me names. You're deceptive. Everyone knows it. You've even slipped with the line, "you'll soon realize that at the interim point we are achieving" -- who's we? You mean you PR amateurs at DIAGF? CTSO must be a real threat to DAIGF for you to continue your tirade. Face it, you're making CTSO look good, due to better management, better branding and a better marketing organization. Your tactics are backfiring. You're caught in stone cold deception and dirty tricks. You've no ethical basis for what you are doing. You're ruining your client's reputation. You've lost any credibility you might have had at this board. It's time to fade away or I will keep pounding you because of your obvious deceit. Say good night, Gracie. You've been exposed.

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