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  • grannybones2 grannybones2 Jan 16, 2013 11:09 AM Flag

    ABFS need to offer stock options and Union need to have concession on pay etc.

    The truth is that ABFS is not in a finacially strong postion to offer more benefits. I know the truck driver need thier money but to be without a job is worse. if I was the union I would except the company stock option offer in place of reduce benefits. This will allow ABFS to double it shares price.and the union can cash in the sshares making moneyon the run up. No Brainer, or is the union against you making money???. This will not cost ABFS any mmore money and would make a heck of a lot more money for the union members ev.. Union member be smart. I bought this stock hoping for a settlement in favor of the company. If the share price was way up there than I would be more on the union side, but it not the time to tear down the company you work for. Good luck. I might sell my shares and move on if I do not see any postive result soon. Remember there are other players in the game as well.

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