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  • joeschmo_4 joeschmo_4 Jan 31, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    One Upgrade, One Downgrade

    It's the classic glass is half empty or half full argument. Being an optimist, I'm holding for $15+ sometime this year after successful labor negotiations. The Hostess debacle and 4QTR earnings should motivate both sides to get this issue behind them, quickly.

    Cheers to fellow Longs & buying on weakness,

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    • UPS has made a major commitment to LNG in the news lately. If ABFS was in a better financial situation they could start to convert their aging fleet. Fuel saving alone could be $80 to $100 million a year with a complete fleet of LNG tractors. More reason to make operational reductions and have a new and improved labor agreement. They would also be able to take advantage of government incentives to have a more fuel efficient fleet.

    • We should be seeing a dividend announcement any day now.

    • Joe, I'm with you! I am holding out for a much higher stock price. There appears to be too much interest in this stock when watching the daily trading. The company is doing a great job with the profitable non asset part of the company and is focused on growing that business. ABF needs cost cutting and the union can't keep doing what no longer works or the union employees will be non union employees working for another company. Even in the stock downgrade today the analyst is essentially saying his thought process is flawed if proper concessions are made. I also agree with you that something is in the wind! The buying spree yesterday was not a result of the Bank of America upgrade.

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      • Red - Have you considered what may happen if YRCW gets into some serious trouble? I've followed that stock for years (haven't owned any in a long while) and if they decide to close service centers or seriously downsize that could be a significant catalyst to push ABFS shares higher. Yesterday afternoon I wondered if possible news from Yellow prompted the sudden reversal at 2PM EST. That was impressive. Turns out it was BofA.

        I'm thinking like you as well on this equity. 2013 promises to be a strong year for the company and its stock if they can successfully put labor contract issues behind them.


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