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  • EasyMoney_Not EasyMoney_Not Jun 11, 2004 12:41 PM Flag

    FDR, Constitution

    <<It's easy to throw rotten apples at others and make outrageous statements that have little sense to them.>>

    Yea????? as you sit there throwing rotten apples and making outrageous statements that make little sense??.. Do you listen to yourself?? Do I need to identify the rotten apples for you?

    You?re a typical liberal????.. you think you have a monopoly on compassion and all others that don?t agree with you???? how did you put it???. ?sin is more appealing to us?, ?we don?t trust our neighbor?, ?Greed????. Rush Limbaugh is mild compared to you??.. Look in the mirror!!

    Liberalism isn?t a message of ?Hope?????. It?s a message of ?dependency.? Without you liberals perhaps we wouldn?t have to work for more than ?FIVE MONTHS? a year just to pay our taxes???? without you liberals, perhaps we wouldn?t have to get LOANS to put our children thru college as the government is using OUR money to put others thru college??? without you liberals, perhaps we could train the poor, the jobless, the homeless to depend upon themselves and thus giving them ?Hope? that they can make a better future for THEMSELVES.

    I could go on and on???? but you get the point. We owe the liberals something, however, I doubt that I would call it gratitude.


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