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  • loperformance loperformance Jun 14, 2004 12:05 PM Flag

    FDR, Constitution

    A big % of the budget goes to social security, benefits all the old people, and SSI scammers.

    A big % goes to Medicare with benefits to all old people, and a ton of scam artists.

    A big % goes to Military families in salary, free medical, and retirement pay.

    A significant % of the budget goes to paying interest, which benefits the Japanese and Chinese, except they get a low interest rate like near 2 percent so that's a pretty good deal. Until they price their currency correctly, debt is a good thing since they are essentially paying for the US military with near interest free debt.

    A big % goes to paying for the 18 million federal employees who for the most part don't do squat, other than to process paper from other federal employees -- most make around 30K.

    The poor have always made up your basic troops since the beginning of time. In fact the current US military is actually a noticeable departure from history on this point, because high tech requires highly educated pilots ... look at who got killed in Gulf 1 and 2, Afghan --> a high percentage had college degrees.

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    • You said:

      A big % goes to Military families in salary, free medical, and retirement pay.


      Tz says:

      BS! When I was active-duty in the mid-to-late 90s I knew many military families on FOOD STAMPS. These were hard-working patriotic men and women who willingly lived below the poverty line due to the idiots who determine the military salaries (Congress). Military pay is simply pathetic.


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      • You are correct that military pay is bad, that the VA medical system is crummy, etc. but I'm also correct that the US gov spends a ton of money on Military families. The thing that ties both of the comments together is typical government inefficiency and waste.

        Try selling any product to the military and you'll have 100's of dollars of paperwork for a 50 dollar product, then the product will get shipped from one warehouse to another before it ends up where it is needed. The procurement supplier documents for something as simple as a tongue depressor will ask 1,000s of questions on a 300 to 500 page form including if you are in the nuclear weapons business.

        I never really understood why the Republicans did not hammer the Democrats about the VA during the debate on Gov take over of private insurance. If Demos can't fix what they are already responsible for, why give the US gov more responsibility.

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