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  • windsor_drive windsor_drive Dec 31, 2005 11:28 PM Flag

    Interesting Article on the Solar Market

    Anybody know what SPWR's polysilicon supplier relationship is for 2006?

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    • ...LOL...

      You're right.You and I aren't in the same league. You're some punk without a pot piss in. Still didn't answer my question where you bought or intend to sell CY. You don't even own the stock do you? Another wantabe coming here like a big guru without jack crap in his wallet..LOL!

      "It's a simple rule that you sell the stock when the company business starts to deteriate"(sic)...

      The company's business has be deteriorating now for almost two years. Get a clue lightweight.

    • >I made it last time on CY but it took me almost a year and a half. I had to average down my entire position in the 11 area to make it work. I had far too much money on the table in this one stock to be comfortable with at the time.

      Don't you feel it funny when you try to educate a veteran like me for your clumsy record on CY? 1-1/2 years average-down to make money? At least, this is the first time I like you - honest. Average down is stock-market-101 strategy. That doesn't leave you any confidence/arrogance you pose now. You shouldn't blame CY. You should blame yourself. For 1-1/2 years long ride, they should have given you more than enough signals to cut loss before you need to make your last uncomfortable entry. I can tell you right now - without the factor of SPWR, if CCD division revenue decreases at next quarter earning report, you can have my CY at $11-12. It's a simple rule that you sell the stock when company business starts to deteriate. You simply didn't do enough research to detect those strong sell signal. Why I buy CY now? because I am sure CCD wouldn't deteriate and I have my way to lock-in SPWR value (not illegally).

      You and I aren't at the same league. Let me save the egotistic argument with you. It took me 5 years to learn the art of hedge. I can't make you understand in 15 minutes.

    • ...Floopy...

      You're reading way too much into my sentiments. I could care less about "TJ"..Don't really know anything about the guy. All I know he's in charge of a company that has had lousy results for the last few years.

      I have great confidence in my trading. I made it last time on CY but it took me almost a year and a half. I had to average down my entire position in the 11 area to make it work. I had far too much money on the table in this one stock to be comfortable with at the time. I got lucky. I got the run I had been waiting for. I was selling while Cramer and gang were yelling buy. So far I was right.

      You don't "make money with a suspicious mind"?
      LOL...You want to be a "believer" go find religion. I make money in the market more than I lose because I am "suspicious". I look at the facts as they are and what they may be six months going forward. I put little faith in management because they are all made from the same cloth. Now they're even after the guru of all CEO's...GE's retired Jack Welsh. Man if he was a bad one think what most of the others are! LOL!

      I'll be a buyer of CY in the 11-12 area. It will happen IMHO...As for hedgers and hedge got that all ass backwards.
      They don't do "in depth research" to make money for goodness sakes..They go long and short a stock...or use derivatives to hedge their positions...or convertibles...or companion issues....They could be investing in dog food if the math works for them..LOL!

      No...those who are currently in CY are either bagholders from Cramer or new to the company and are attracted to it by SPWR. And I have said now almost a half dozen times...14 doesn't sound like an outrageous price to pay for the stock (as 17 was) but IMHO the trend is down.

      By the way...What did you pay for your stock?
      What's your exit price?

    • Fghton,

      A veteran hedger can testify market inefficency by holding 50%+ long/50%- short through 2000 to 2004 and achieved annual 50-100%.

      You haven't seen the real game. To hedger, every moment is an entry point. To you, you only wait for that dream price only God knows whether it will happen. Even it really happens, can you hold it through $16-17 with your poor confidence? Yeah! I heard you that you made it last time. The market run too fast last time before you had the second thought when to sell it. You made money last run, so did everyone.

      It doesn't work that way. Either you believe it or not believe it. You don't make big money with a suspecious mind.

      Hedger always penetrates the superficial surface and made in-depth research to explore all alternative routes; that's how they beat market efficiency. That's how I analyzed all CY divisions and all SPWR's peers. What did you do? trash T. J. forever?

    • Its in their filing
      Also last week a new 8k shows new deal was made to redo old contract so it is all covered already.Also Sunpower slices its own wafers and very thin ones at that thus using less poly than all the competiors. And savings they cant beat.

      • 1 Reply to cynyse
      • correct me if I am wrong.

        Their agreement with customers (or some) are fixed-price, but not on the suppliers side.

        I came to this board (2 wks) with the impression that SPWR sells roughly same value as the peers. Now I believe that entire U. S. are too optimistic about Solar. Look at Germany Q-Cell (I post earlier). The whole thing on Cy/SPWR story. The fault is on SPWR, some keep on blaming on core CY. It is not the right story.

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