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  • Will somebody explain to me why it's not possible for us to make our points and arguments without insulting each other? I must admit this board is vastly improved since Craig was booted off but there is still the tendancy to carp and ridicule.

    Different opinions is a good thing why not let the ideas flow and respect our differences?

    Try it and you'll see more postings by intelligent investors like Simple Simon.

    Happy New Year!

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    • Well since I might be one of who produced any insulting acts, I like to explain a bit about myself. By no means, I am trying to pick another fight.

      I recognize that internet is a social place. All of us need to maintain common curtsey. For this reason, I tried to be honest and avoid offensive position. As a hedge player, I never went to the board I short that stock and start to tease everyone. To me, if that stock will come down, it will come down on its nature course, no need for me to burden extra pain to the poor soul.

      I respect criticism if the critic shows me either a level of sophistication or some hard evidence coming from deep research. But if someone comes in, just tell me - I told you so, without any substance to back it. Then I get mad and really mad. No matter how bad the management is, you have to rationalize you reasoning to convince others, not just act in doomsayer to curse this stock to drop down to $11-12. Have he thought that the only reason he is so relaxed to make the prophetic prediction is the fact that he doesn?t own the stock and wish it to come down? Also, there is no reason to assume anyone so idiotic to follow Cramer?s broadcast to trap into this stock. I am sure most of us got into this stock because of the discrepancy observed between CY and SPWR. To call someone else Cramerite is really a big insult.

      Enough said, maybe I haven?t looked at mirror myself. Let me know if you have any suggestion on my part. From this point, I just concentrate on the subject what this board is built for.

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      • Floppy,

        Nice post and I do think you were a bit aggressive in your earlier posts.

        As for getting your English corrected it was a low blow probably in response to your earlier post. Most Americans don't know their own language that well and certainly not another language but it makes people feel superior to be able to look down there noses at people speaking second languages. The French are masters at that very snobbery.

        I only wish I could speak a second language as well as you do.

        Good luck.

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