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  • floppy_6 floppy_6 Jan 23, 2006 12:28 AM Flag

    Licking the wound? - tedency in here?


    I am not sure you try to twist my word or my writing isn't clear.

    Let me rephrase it - Let us look forward. Stock valuation is based on forward-looking, not the past. Who the heck care about 70s, 80s, 90s? All we SHAREHOLDERs care is NOW!

    Your CY employees should start another board - CY pissing contest board.

    I say again I could care less about how was NSE's HISTORY. From what I read, CY's NSE is at least behind IDTI two notches. There is no point to keep it, just get rid of it.

    It is not about posting good news or bad news. It is about posting meaningful thinking for the STOCK ONLY. For example, I like to hear anyone seriously tells me Psoc is not going to work for long. All your guys talking is HISTORY. Shall we start another board - CY history.

    It is also about the motivation. Most of Yahoo stock boards gather shareholders who want the stocks going up. So there is a natural trend cheerleading the stock. Waiiiiiiiiiiit a minute, I do not say that cheerleading a right action, I just say it is natural act in most boards for those who long on the stocks.

    What's your guys' motivation here? Why your guys are so eccentric than the ordinary Yahoo stock board?

    I got it. Since CY is a old company, so there are more CY ghosts.

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    • You mean you 'could NOT care less' that is what you mean. Now, admit it, that is what you mean. So, why not say what you mean rather than the exact opposite of what you really mean?

    • Maybe you missed the point...

      When CY acquired NSE, the product was ranked neck to neck with IDTI. Now it is as you put it -- at least 2 notches behind. What happened?

      You want to talk forward looking? You can't move forward without knowing the history or you are DOOMED to repeat the same mistake. You should be asking yourself what is it about CY that would make a product line like NSE disintegrate and why ANY other product at CY would end up different before putting your money down.


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