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  • floppy_6 floppy_6 Jan 31, 2006 6:52 PM Flag

    Engineers - Check this out! Psoc 1

    excerpt from CC. Can you tell me this a big stuff or some T. J's fantasy?

    In the quarter we shipped our [inaudible] 50 million PSoC and we now have a thousand customers, those are nice big round numbers, but I'll just tell you that in the world of programmable mixed analog which is the close cut in the micro controllers with enhanced features and programability, the number a thousand isn't very big and our aspirations are to drive through and pass the 10,000 mark and we're working on that. For now it is not bad for a little start up that got started in 2000, 50 million units and 1,000 customers.

    We got a PSoC design at Lucky Gold Star. They have a new line of phones. It will be there.

    Their next generation, these are the clam shell phones that slide open, they decided to do get rid of buttons, the problems with spillage into the buttons and the environmental wear and tear. They use what we CapSense technology, and this is nothing more than a printed circuit board with a copper on it and when you touch it, the [inaudible] between your finger and the printed circuit board is sent , somewhat similar to a touch screen. Then that is used to do a switching function so we don't have in effect CapSense technology as a product line.

    CapSense works out to be some firm wear that you put on PSoC. So PSoC is in all kinds of products and this CapSense is going to be a big opportunity because we believe there is a trend in getting rid of buttons which are expensive and less reliable than electronic components and we believe that is going to happen across the board in the consumer world.

    We got a PSoC design went into Nintendo Game Boy. Another example is the versatility of PSoC is the design went into Horizon Hobby, I ordinarily wouldn't talk about it since it's not huge like the Lucky Gold Star and Nintendo wins, but it illustrates the technical capability, in this case the design win is what's called a PRoC, so PSoC, Programmable System-on-Chip, PROC, Programmable Radio-on-Chip.

    All the stuff we brag about with PSoC, take that PSoC chip and put a radio into it and you then have that capability that can work with the system, do sensing, do control and be wireless coming back to some central system.

    I will talk in a minute about what's on the other end of that system. But, we believe that the PRoC is going to be another big opportunity for us which is just starting to take off.

    Like everyone else we're focusing on the Chinese market. People think that in China things are made where they're designed elsewhere. The fact is that our revenue is looking like 50% Asia right now, but our design wins are looking like 40% Asia. So it's not true that they just make stuff over there, they're designing stuff. They have a lot of college graduates. They like PSoC and PRoC. We won with our PRoC device I just described.

    Winning China's magazine innovation of the Year which is one of the electronic product magazines and there is another China based magazine called Electronic Engineering and Product World and it also named PRoC best new embedded system technology. We're working very hard on design wins and trying to not just fulfillment.

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    • On the other end of the radio that I discussed earlier, is wireless USB. That radio connects to another radio and there is all kinds of things you can do with it. For example, the other radio can be connected to another PSoC so you can connect any two things.

      Think PSoC to radio to other radio to PSoC to other thing in a point to point link in the case of wireless USB it is whatever you want to connect to PSoC and PSoC can manage it, control it, and measure it to a radio to another radio and then the other end of that radio is a USB chip that makes all the radios and PSoCs look as if they were a mouse. As a matter of fact, one of the design wins for wireless USB is exactly a wireless mouse.

      We're introducing a generic product that allows PSoC to radio to radio to USB for anything and in this case the new product is second generation low par product where we're cutting our par consumption in half.

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      • Daniel Luchansky - Merrill Lynch - Analyst

        This is Daniel Luchansky from Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. Just two quick questions, T.J. The first is if you would be so kind, data point question, if you would be so kind just to tell me the exact revenues for a PSoC for the last four quarter sequentially I'd be much obliged.

        The second question, relates to this, I am getting the feeling like you that PSoC is maybe as big an idea as SunPower and I am wondering what your vision of PSoC and PRoC is, and second part of that is what other little things are there in that subsidiary, your subsidiary business, what other exciting technologies do you have in there that you're developing? I thank you, Dan Luchansky, Merrill Lynch.

        T J Rodgers - Cypress Semiconductor - President and CEO

        Okay, we gave the number for the fourth quarter 23.8, I believe. Do I remember that right?

        Brad Buss - Cypress Semiconductor - CFO

        PSoC sales Q1 of this year were $3.5 million, Q2 was $5.9 million. Q3 was $14.5 million. Q4 was $23.8 million.

        T J Rodgers - Cypress Semiconductor - President and CEO

        Just as an added three data points, we expect to stay above $20 million in the first quarter, we'll be slightly down because PSoC is highly consumer oriented. What else is in there?

        Let me first of all there is the PRoC, PSoC plus the radio. PSoC doesn't need a wire to move data in and out. That will be a big one.

        What is a PSoC? We started out thinking it was a micro controller competing as a micro chip. What we did was we said how do we compete against micro chip. They have 10,000 products and even more.

        And the way you make a micro controller is you start out with your CPU there called pic and then you put more or less memory on it, you put SRAM memory on it, you put flash memory on it, you put raw memory on it, E squared memory, so you have permientations and combinations of four kinds of memory, then you put analog to digital, 6 bit, 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit, 14 bit. Digital to analog equivalent . You put controls, you put USBs, communication paths etc.

        There is dozens of peripherals and four different kinds of memory, so when you get done you take one central computer and you put twenty things around it and you end up with 10,000 products.

        When you look at their technology, their technology wafer level technology isn't that hot. But when you say let's go get 'em, we can make a chip for half or quarter what they make in higher performance and lower power also. Their value proposition is great. Start making your 10,000 products and I'll see you in 2010. Good luck.

        Of course by the time you make your first 10,000 products our second and third generations will be out there. So, we had to figure out how to break into the--how they diversified multiple niche products business called micro controllers and the idea was let's make peripherals that are programmable.

        Instead of putting and analog to digital convertor on the shift, let's put on amplifiers, and various kinds of analog circuitry that can be hooked up to itself with switches. Our peripherals if you want to use a term are blocks of unprogrammed analog circuits and blocks of unprogrammed digital circuits that when you program the chip, turn into what you want, so for example they just give you a couple examples.

        Our first big customer makes Nordic Track treadmills. What they wanted to do is control the motor. The way you control the motor is something called pulse with modulation. We basically turned the PSoC into a device that read control switches and then created a pulse with modulated output that ran through some power transistors on the motor.

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