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  • floppy_6 floppy_6 Apr 23, 2006 8:43 PM Flag

    Here's another perspective....


    I didn't plan to share this CC. I just don't like to share with some egotistic asshole here. But what the heck! We do enjoy discussing stock here.

    For this CC, I have to say the very important part being the last part of conclusion. Also it is important to keep in mind - SPWR management is a very keen team, but also with great salesmanship. Investors have to be cautious in taking in their optimism. I have to also admit some value getting difficult to assess even I am reading from transcript instead of listening to "recorded voice".


    SPWR 4/20 CC

    1) 3RD line began to produce, shipping minimum 20% conversion rate. By year-end minimm 22%.
    2) Less than 7 gram/watt will be at our line 4, which toward the end of year. Line 4 is planned to enter production by the end of year. Line 1-3 will be retrofitted to 7 gram/watt in first-half of 2007.
    3) Construction of gen. 2 fab. line is to start this quarter. Incremental 200 MW capacity and will add first two lines in 2007.
    4) Start construction of new panel plant with capacity of 30MW, near by our cell plant, total planned 90 MW, will begin production by 3rd Quarter and ramp up in Q4. This facility will have advanced automated production (currently SPWR ordered solar panels through 2 Chinese solar makers). This auto line technology is borrowed from Cypress?s back-end chip-package auto line. The decision to manufacture panel in-house instead of outsourcing to China will be dilutive at first 2 quarters, neutral for Q3-4, accretive in 2007. In the long-term, we expect to pull 10-20% of panel-making cost out.
    5) Q2 $50-52 millions, 5-7 cents/share, expect full-year production of $220 mils.
    6) We help our Ingots supplier to locate poly. So we are quite sure that our ingots supplier will have enough poly to complete the production.

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