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  • floppy_6 floppy_6 May 1, 2006 1:46 AM Flag



    I hate to say that you are a great researcher but not a great analyst. I saw too many games of X% rate of growth rate, therefore P/E value at Y is well deserved kinda of analysis.

    80% of chance I took it as B. S. or with a great suspecious mind.

    Gross margin is real thing - you completely ignore that part, yet look at some company's phantom growth rate projection. Without a solid poly supply, all projection for growth rate is meaningless. At least, SPWR communicated to some level of their poly supply. STP communicated very little, Q-cell has one of the largest poly supplier - REC as partner and keep a very humble growth goal.

    I start to get very disappointed with you, not because of you pan on SPWR and Q-cell. It's just I don't see any of your points about STP near convincing.

    Where did they find enough poly to assure 100% growth in 2006? Even they did, what's going to happen 07, 08, 09? All solar plays need a plan to cover a few years out. Not just 2006.

    >Suntech also has better new tech potental. Invested
    more RnD and with top partners. STP is a super buy.

    Your knowledge is better than just a few of these unconvincing words.

    I start to wonder -

    1) How long have you been investing?


    2) You work for someone to promote the stock without any rational?

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