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  • drjackcar drjackcar Mar 21, 2011 6:53 PM Flag

    How painful is this... Cramer "screaming buy at 23"

    I don't remember him saying it was a screaming buy. I do remember him having the CEO on and saying after the interview, "Cypress goes higher." It was at $22-23 then.

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    • He will scream buy again. He refers to tablet glut. Old news and they have been very clear in their comments that very little in 2011 is built in to tablets from an earnings standpoint. You have to laugh at his retoric. In a few weeks he will be reversing his course and yelling buy. The amazing thing is people (retailers) actually trade in after hrs on his non-sense.

    • I, too, got stuck.BUT, for some reason the stock acted quite OK during the day and I don't believe that all of those traders felt quite so negative as Jim. After all, it has already had more than a 10% haircut.

      Also, when TJ was on Kudlow's program recently, he mentioned that two of their competitors were affected in Japan. At least, that's how I understood it. Anyone else hear that? I remember it because it wasn't the answer to Larry's questions and I was wondering if TJ was purposely being elusive.

    • You'd think that since he's had T.J. Rogers on his show before that he'd have the sense to ask him first how business is before he turns traitor on all of tech. T.J. was just on Kudlow's show and he said he'd be selling even more semiconductors because some of his competitors had plants that were affected by the Japan disaster and CY didn't. Finisar is a lousy company with crook for a CEO - they don't speak for all of tech. Tablets don't equate to all of tech or even to cell phones. And so far I've only heard of one analyst and a couple of bloggers who think there's a glut of tablets. No company that I'm aware of has said anything of the sort much less warned. Cramer's lost people as much if not more money than he's made for them. Look at how many people got into that POS Citibank because of Cramer - and he hasn't bashed that yet.

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